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1:10 Truggy Action with the Select Four 10TR from Helion

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Ready for some 1:10 Truggy Action with the Select Four 10TR from Helion?

Seasoned Truggy owners have learned what it is that makes the perfect blend of truck and buggy. At Helion, their design engineers have solicited customer input, listened to your wishes, and made it their personal goal to produce an off-road 4WD vehicle that takes excellence to a whole new level. Enter the Select Four 10TR, a truggy that turns your wish list into reality with its size, speed, and strength.

Take a tour of the Four 10TR and immediately you’ll see where their development team has spent its time. The vehicle’s size is the first thing you’ll notice: 1/10 scale it may be, but with stretched suspension arms and aggressive XL wheels and tires, not only does it look more like a 1/8 platform, it drives like one, too. Add the benefit of four-wheel independent suspension, fully adjustable, oil-filled, big-bore, threaded aluminum shocks, and this, you’ll find, is a vehicle that’ll treat terrain with total contempt and surpass your highest expectations of handling.

Who doesn’t like speed? Truggy drivers thrive on it, so when you told us you wanted more, we listened, they engineered, and we gave you a powertrain with the punch to put you firmly in the lead. Supplied with a premium 2850KV 4-pole brushless motor, a massive 120A ESC and up to 4S LiPo compatibility, speed and torque is not something the Four 10TR lacks. Accelerating to a blistering 35+mph, this one threatens to take your breath away. In fact, it’s so quick off the mark, they added a wheelie bar to aid traction and keep you firmly in control.

They delivered size and speed, but you also wanted a truggy with uncompromising strength; the ability to take a bashing and bounce back for more. The answer is in the use of an engineering-grade composite construction that, coupled with anodized aluminum bulkheads, wheel hexes, shock towers and steering hubs, provides incredible strength, delivers outstanding power, and looks a million dollars!

But, as you’ve come to expect from Helion, there’s much more to the 10TR than this. They tweaked and tuned at every stage of development, adding a full complement of rubber-sealed ball bearings, heavy-duty steel drive shafts, 17mm wheel hexes and, to top it all, the new IKONNIK Xenon ET4 radio system. This advanced 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter has a Beginner Mode, 10-Model Memory with drop-down wheel, adjustable grips, and left- or right-handed operation.

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