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The Bat-Safe – LiPo Protection at its Finest!


You feel safe as you follow the instructions. You never had an issue with your batteries so far. But even a large brand like Samsung can supply faulty batteries that catch on fire. The batteries you use are for sure larger in size and lithium content, than in a Note 7 and can set a house on fire easily.
Residential fires due to lithium batteries have become so frequent that fire departments started to inform and educate the public on safety precautions handling those batteries.

But a new device has been developed and is in production, that is able to contain the dangers of a thermal runaway reaction of lithium batteries.

According to Tom Mast, the developer of the BAT-SAFE, “Often, the very best defense against any fire threat planning and being prepared for it to happen. The device we developed is so simple to use that you will use it every time.”

For more information on how the BAT-SAFE works click here!

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