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ARRMA Senton & Granite MEGA 4×4 RTRs – Watch The Video!

ARRMA Senton & Granite MEGA 4×4 RTRs 

Fast and fully equipped, SENTON and GRANITE 4×4 MEGA RTRs arrive ready-to-bash in all terrain.  A MEGA 12T motor makes it easy to reach maximum speeds. Waterproof electronics make them ready-to-run in any type of weather. dBoots Fortress tires make it possible to conquer any surface. The included Tactic TTX300 transmitter delivers the ultimate in precise control. Just add 4 AA batteries and get bashing.

Priced Right at just $239.99 each!!!

■ The first 1/10 4WD vehicles from ARRMA
■ Tactic TTX300 2.4GHz 3-channel transmitter
■ MEGA 12T brushed 550 motor
■ Electronics module with MEGA 35A ESC, ADS-5 steering
servo and Tactic TR326 receiver
■ Easy-access drivetrain
■ Fixed length upper links
■ Servo horn with built-in servo saver
■ Power module with pinion indicators
■ Internal metal diff gears
■ 8.4V 7-cell 2400mAh NiMH battery
■ ADC-N7 7-cell NiMH wall charger
■ dBoots Fortress tires
■ Multi-spoke wheels
■ Oil-filled shocks
■ Extended height dirt defenders
■ Full set of ball bearings

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  1. Great to see companies making basher vehicles instead of scale vehicles that are slow and boring and less capable because the comapay wanted make the car work like a real one.

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