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Team Orion Introduces the HMX 10 Modified ESC

HMX Technology (5) copy

Team Orion® is a world-renowned manufacturer of World Championship winning batteries, chargers, motors and electronic speed controllers (ESC). Since their first release of a brushless ESC in 2012, the Swiss brand’s Vortex R10 and R10.1 Pro ESC have dominated almost …

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More Rally Action! The NOS Deegan 38 4WD Rally Car from Traxxas

74054-5-Deegan-Rally-Wallpaper copy

To be successful, a full-size rally car must offer blistering performance on pavement, dirt-roosting speed off-road, a trick suspension, and 4WD to put the power down. Modeled after Brian Deegan’s Ford Fiesta ST, the Traxxas NOS Deegan 38 Rally car …

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Team Energy D10 SC

There is a common misconception that fast, really fast radio control cars and trucks all come from major manufacturers and will cost you an arm and a leg before you add batteries. Well, that is simply not true. Online super store NitroRCX has a new line up that includes six vehicles so far, under the moniker Team Energy, that are very fast, look good, and are both tough and reasonably priced.

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Schumacher Mi6evo 1/10th Competition Touring Car

Mi6evo_FTQ_Schumacher copy

The Schumacher Mi6evo is the latest evolution of Schumacher’s successful “Mi” touring car range. It includes the latest developments from Schumacher’s international racing and engineering team to keep you at the front of the pack. Like the Mi6, it is …

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Ferrari F12 TDF – TT02 from Tamiya

tamiya-58644_Ferrari F12 TDF - TT02_1

This R/C assembly kit depicts the Ferrari F12tdf first introduced at the end of 2015. It’s a road car that pays homage to the Tour de France, just not the Tour you may be thinking of. Before cyclists pre-empted the …

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Racing Fighter 2wd Buggy DT03 Limited Chrome Metallic Edition

tamiya-47347_Racing Fighter_1

This is a Limited-Edition version of the Racing Fighter off-road buggy, which sits atop the easy to build DT-03 chassis. The DT-03 off-road buggy assembly kit is intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the world …

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More Old School Awesomeness! The Grasshopper II from Tamiya


The Grasshopper II is one of Tamiya’s iconic radio control car kits from the late 1980’s. It was an enhanced follow up release to the original Grasshopper kit. This re-release (2017) kit features a number of updates while keeping largely …

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The Savage X SS Nitro Monster Truck from HPI is Back!!

Savage_X_SS_HPI copy

The Savage X SS is back! The most popular 1/8th scale big-block nitro monster truck in the world, the Savage has been around for nearly 15 years – and when we released the SS self-build kit version, it was a …

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It’s HUGE – The CEN Racing Colossus XT Electric Monster Truck

CEN Racing Colossus XT (2) copy

The Colossus XT is the latest evolution of massive electric-powered monster truck design. CEN Racing engineers have created a durable, basher-inspired platform that is certain to please the most demanding R/C enthusiast. It all begins with a DVP (Dual Vertical …

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It’s Back! The Schumacher CAT XLS


The Schumacher CAT revolutionized off road racing when it was introduced in 1986, being years ahead of the competition. It became an international success winning British, European, Japanese, Australian, and American championships. It was updated with a longer wheelbase and Masami …

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Xpresso M1 Competition Grade RWD M-Chassis Kit


Introducing the Xpresso M1, the first race orientated RWD M-Chassis on the market! With full Carbon Fiber bottom deck, top deck, suspension arms and shock towers, also featuring touring car sized gear differential for consistent and smooth corner transitions and …

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Team Associated goes F1 with the RC10F6 Factory Team


Team Associated is proud to release its entry to the 1:10 scale 2WD electric formula car racing class, the RC10F6 Factory Team Kit, geared for precision and the ultimate in performance. Full-scale Formula racing is considered one of the most …

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22 Best Battery Chargers for Racing RC Cars

When I first started racing I used an Aristocraft 15-minute quick charger to get my 1200mAh NiCd SC Sanyo batteries to capacity. I turned the dial around fully once then another five minutes for good measure. Soon I was using an external volt meter to monitor batteries and I eventually stepped up to a Digi Novak Peak charger to make my life much easier.

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Mitsubishi Pajero – Metaltop Wide CC01 from Tamiya

Mitsubishi Pajero - Metaltop Wide CC01 copy

First introduced in 1982, Mitsubishi’s Pajero line of Sport Utility Vehicles has enjoyed much commercial and racing success. It was available in both short wheelbase 3-door and long wheelbase 5-door versions. Special race versions of the Pajero have been taking …

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Limited Edition – The Metal Dump Truck – GF-01 from Tamiya

Metal Dump Truck - GF-01 copy

This special LIMITED EDITION kit takes the standard Heavy Dump Truck and gives it a new meaner look! The livery design concept is based upon the heavy metal style seen in American rock band culture. The body parts are molded …

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