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Speed B2102 1/8 Scale Competition Buggy Engine

osmg2064 copy

One look at the Speed B2102 engine and you’ll notice: the cylinder head is significantly shorter than those found on similar power plants. It definitely looks cool, but looks are just a small part of it. The Speed B2102’s lower …

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ProTek R/C “Black Label” 370TBL Waterproof, Brushless Crawler Servo

ProTek RC - “Black Label” 370TBL Waterproof, Brushless Crawler Servo copy

ProTek R/C’s “Black Label” 370TBL Brushless Servo was specifically developed for demanding crawler applications. Heavy 2.2 rigs, U4 racers and 1.9 competition builds will benefit from the 650 oz-in of brute torque produced by the 370TBL. At 7.4V, the servo’s …

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Dromida 4.18 BLSeries

Dromida has followed a rather natural line of progression in how they have handled their 4.18 series of off road vehicles. First came a set of five cool vehicles that all came with brushed power plants, were plenty of fun and priced right.

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It’s Official – Ryan Maifield Joins Mugen

ryanpress copy

A long rumored move for top racer Ryan Maifield from TLR to Mugen has finally been confirmed!  Ryan, a multi-time national champion and winner of countless other races will now wheel the Mugen 1:8 buggies and truggies at all major …

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S6240RX High Speed Digital Servo with Receiver from Spektrum

Spektrum - S6240RX High Speed Digital Servo with Receiver copy

The ingenious S6240RX saves weight and space by combining a digital high-speed metal geared servo with a 2-channel DSMR receiver in a single unit. The servo itself features the durability of metal gears and is capable of delivering lightning-fast transit …

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SR2010 DSMR Micro Race Receiver from Spektrum

Spektrum - SR2010 DSMR Micro Race Receiver copy

The SR2010 is the DSMR receiver of choice for racers who demand low latency and lightweight. Built around frequency-agile DSMR technology, the SR2010 features a new, more robust RF solution which distinguishes it as the next evolution in Spektrum Micro …

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River Jet Boat 23-inch from Pro Boat

Pro Boat - River Jet 23-Inch_1 copy

There’s nothing like riding in a full-scale jet boat, from jumping waves to darting across the lake. Jet boats can change direction in a heartbeat, providing thrill ride after thrill ride. The 23-inch RTR Deep-V River Jet Boat lets you …

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Flux MLH-2200 Brushless Motor from HPI Racing

HPI Racing - Flux MLH-2200 Brushless Motor copy

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring power for your 1/8th scale off-road vehicles, this is where you can stop looking! The Flux MLH-2200 will give you more than enough power for anything you’re looking for: giant air stunts, multiple …

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Flux ELH-6S Brushless Waterproof ESC from HPI Racing

HPI Racing - Flux ELH-6S Brushless Waterproof ESC copy

The Flux ELH-6S ESC is the perfect match for the #120010 Flux MLH-2200 1/8th scale brushless motor – it’s able to pump up to 150 amps of power to the motor for amazing stunts like giant jumps, multiple back flips, …

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BIGFOOT No. 1 The Original Monster Truck from Traxxas

Traxxas - BIGFOOT No. 1 The Original Monster Truck (1)

BIGFOOT is “The Original Monster Truck”. This is the truck that started the monster truck phenomenon and brought car-crushing fun and excitement to fairgrounds and arenas everywhere. Traxxas faithfully captures the spirit and classic look of BIGFOOT No. 1 in …

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Set Your RC Car’s Slipper Clutch for Success

Attached to the transmission of almost all 2WD electric off road vehicles, many 4WD electric monster trucks and some 4WD electric off road buggies is a slipper clutch. The slipper clutch has several useful purposes. It helps reduce wheel spin as your vehicle accelerates, something very useful on low traction surfaces.

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In Stock – The RGT8 from HB Racing

HB Racing - RGT8 copy

The new RGT8 from HB Racing features a chassis that is based on the World Champion D815 buggy. It’s highly adjustable for a variety of track conditions, with race-proven durability and performance. The Race DNA from the D815 means the …

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2wd Aluminum Gear Diff for all 22 Series Vehicles from TLR

The Team Losi Racing Gear Differential for the 2WD 22-series of vehicles can provide another tuning aid in your arsenal. This low maintenance gear differential has been designed to drop right into the 22-series transmission cases, so there is no …

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In Stock! The HB Racing 1/8 E817 Competition 4WD Kit


With back-to-back IFMAR 1/8 World Championship wins in 2014 and 2016, HB Racing is committed to making race cars that put you on the podium. Our team drivers, support staff and design team attend races around the world to help …

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Dual Aluminum Steering Servo Tray for the 5IVE-B from TLR

Team Losi Racing - Dual Aluminum Steering Servo Tray for the 5IVE-B copy

This dual steering servo tray from Team Losi Racing helps eliminate flex and allows for the use of a pair of steering servos to increase speed and torque.  It comes with all mounting hardware and is hard anodized for a …

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