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Dual Aluminum Steering Servo Tray for the 5IVE-B from TLR

Team Losi Racing - Dual Aluminum Steering Servo Tray for the 5IVE-B copy

This dual steering servo tray from Team Losi Racing helps eliminate flex and allows for the use of a pair of steering servos to increase speed and torque.  It comes with all mounting hardware and is hard anodized for a …

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rcMart Has Their First Sale of 2017! Store Credit, Redeem and More!


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To kick things off for 2017, rcMart introducing their massive First Sale! They lowered the requirements for the store credit rebate program so that more people can take advantage …

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TRF102 Black Edition Formula Chassis Kit from Tamiya

Tamiya - TRF102 Black Edition Formula Chassis Kit copy

The Black Edition of the popular TRF102 from Tamiya sports many black anodized aluminum parts for a stealthy look.  It features a carbon fiber main chassis, t-bar rear pod that allows for independent control of pitch & roll and that …

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TT-02D chassis) drift spec from Tamiya

Tamiya - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TT-02D chassis) drift spec copy

Mitsubishi Motors Sports Flagship, Lancer Evolution X appears in Drift Spec on the proven TT-02D shaft driven chassis.  It sports a realistically reproduced body made from durable polycarbonate with a full decal set to complete the look. Click here for …

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Luxury Aluminum Black Parts Tray 3 from Muchmore Racing

Muchmore Racing - Luxury Aluminum Black Parts Tray 3_1 copy

The Luxury Aluminum Part Tray 3 has smart phone compartment (height: 10mm, width: 10m) that you can put your iphone or other similarly sized electronic device in for easy storage and viewing.  The total size is about 130mm x 170mm …

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Impact Linear FD2 6500mAh 4S LiPo Battery Pack from Muchmore

Designed for 1/8 electric off road racing, this new hard cased LiPo pack from Muchmore measures 138 x 47 x 47.5mm, and weighs just 545g.  It comes with an XH balance plug, 10AWG wire with a Deans type battery plug …

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Speedtreads Pre-Mounted 1:10 and 1:8 Tires from Dynamite

Dynamite - Speedtreads Pre-Mounted 1-10 and 1-8 Tires _1 copy

The Dynamite SpeedTreads tire line offers tire, wheel and mounted tire solutions for a variety of vehicle platforms and surface types. There is the Speedhawk 1/10 ST/MT Tire, Vulture 1/10 ST/MT Tire, Vindicator 1/10 ST/MT Tire, Neutralizor 1/8 MT Tire …

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Reviewed – HobbyStar 120A 1/10 Competition Sensored ESC With Turbo and 540 Competition Brushless Sensored Motor

540_Race_Combo_Main_cpmp_V2 copy

The technology behind radio control vehicles and their respective electronics has grown exponentially over the past several years. I mean, if someone told me back when I was building my first vehicle, a Tamiya Falcon, that I would be able …

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10 Fun Electric Trucks

Radio control trucks have a level of fun that other vehicles just can’t compete with. With their big tires, aggressive looks and go-any- where attitude they truly are in a league of their own.

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Rock Rey Scale Rock Racer from Losi

Losi - Rock Rey Scale Rock Racer

The 1/10th 2.2 Rock Rey Rock Racer is incredibly versatile. Not only can it take on rocks with ease, this monster can bash over pretty much anything, anywhere. Through mud and water—at staggering speeds over 40 MPH. It features AVC …

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Le Mans 240S 60A Brushless ESC from Kyosho

Kyosho - Le Mans 240S 60S Brushless ESC copy

The Le Mans 240S electronic brushless speed control is designed to be used with sensored motors to 13.5-turns with a 60.0A max.  It comes delivered in a sharp-looking aluminum case, has black 14AWG motor wires and red/black power wired with …

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Le Mans 240S 15.5-Turn Brushless Motor from Kyosho

Kyosho - Le Mans 240S 15.5-Turn Brushless Motor

Kyosho is bringing back the very popular Le Mans motor line made famous in the 1980s.  Now brushless, one of their first offerings is the 240S 15.5-Turn Brushless Motor designed for 4wd use.  It sports a vintage looking Le Mans …

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Defy LiPo Batteries from Motiv

Motiv - Defy LiPo Batteries

Motiv has four new LiPo battery packs ready for releases or all sorts of racing.  There is the standard sized V6000 2S 6000mAh 100C+ pack, the V4000 shorty type 2S 4000mAh 70C+ pack and the 1S 7800mAh 90C+ and V6000 …

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Car And Track Evolution

The year was 1985 and off-road racing looked almost nothing like it does today. In a short 30-plus year time span off-road buggies have completely evolved from bumper to bumper while the tracks they race on have seen complete overhauls. Things have changed so much that a 2WD buggy from today

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FlowX Competition ESC from LRP

LRP - FlowX Competition ESC copy

The FlowX from LRP is ready for release and looks to be loaded in every way.  It offers a 6V/6A BEC to feed power hungry servos, a heavy duty 8-layer 2.8mm power board, v4.1 TC spec software, can handle 220A …

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