Friday, November 24, 2017
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Matt Maziarz

Review of the Tactic TTX3000 3-Channel RC Radio System

Tactic has made a name for them- selves with their easy-to-use, feature packed and frugally priced aircraft transmitters, but it has been a while since they gave any great deal of attention to their radios on the surface side. The wait is now over though, with the release of the TTX300.

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RC Buggy Review: HobbyKing Basher BZ 222

To date, the lineup of vehicles bearing the name Basher RC from HobbyKing has been, well, limited to basher style vehicles. However, this latest release, the BZ-222 buggy is track ready right out of the box.

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Review: HobbyKing Basher Sabertooth 1/8-Scale RC Truggy

In the grand scheme of things, 1/8-scale truggy platforms are the beasts of RC, combining speed and power in a nimble package that is primed to conquer any race course or bash area.

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Review: Team C TM2

In a class as storied and historic as 2WD buggy, it’s been both refreshing and amazing to see so many changes in chassis and transmission developments. Mid motor machines are increasingly popular and the current trend has brought us back to days gone by with most every manufacturer enlisting an alloy chassis as the backbone.

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Serpent Spyder SRX-2 RTR

2WD buggies are and always have been the vehicle of choice in RTR trim. While Serpent hasn’t always been synonymous with either the term 2WD buggy or RTR, they recently started offering up a selection of both. After designing the winning platform of 1/8-scale Cobra vehicles, Serpent designer Billy Easton turned his attention to their smaller 2WD counterparts.

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