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Ask Tony: Hey, I Got Your Answer

Ask Tony

You Got Questions? Tony has your answer! This month: Father/Son Track Time, Project Predator, A Battery With It All

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Connecting Two Hitec X1 Pro Multi-Chargers to the Hitec 17A ePower Box

A couple of issues ago, The Vogel (as he likes to be called) did a review on Hitec’s X1 Pro Multi-Charger and 17A ePower Box. This system is great; simply install the pair of bullet plugs into the top of the ePower Box and mate them to the input holes on the bottom of the X1 Pro.

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Which Lipo, Eh?

Hey Tony. I have an Axial AX-10 Scorpion that I want to mount a LiPo pack to. I have the graphite battery mounts screwed to the axle as well on both sides of the servo. I would like to keep the packs small but not sure which packs to buy. Ideally I’d like 3S packs but 2S is ok. Any ideas?

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Ask Tony: Hey! I have your answer

You Got Questions? Tony has your answer! This month: MID-MOTOR PRO-2, GRIPPY SC10, BIGGER BEC

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6 things you probably didn’t know about 6 companies you know

Let me ask you a question – when you think RC, what companies come to mind? Team Associated? HPI? Traxxas? I bet you can name a handful of cars that those companies make. If you're a real RC nut, you might even be able name some of their 'vintage' offerings or where the companies are located. However, there's actually a lot of cool trivia out there about these companies. After some serious digging, I came up with 6 things you probably didn't know about 6 companies you know. Let's get started.

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Spec-Ial Xray?

Hi Tony. Does XRay have a 2015 1/8 E-Buggy or is the XB8E, which was released a year ago, their so-called 2015 Specs Buggy???

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RC Stadium Truck Review: The Team Associated T5M

For years now, Stadium Trucks have taken a back seat to the monstrous short course fad. While basically the same platform, many prefer the closed body type of the short course truck and the ability to rub fenders on the track without the fear of tangling tires. That is slowly changing, however, with the Stadium Truck class becoming more prominent at both the local and National level.

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Supa-Fast Snow Machine

Hi Tony. I am interested in building an electric model that is insanely fast, durable and of course, go on snow! This model will be dedicated to snow bashing/racing and FullForce RC suggested I get information from RC Driver, as in past you have created such a model that I would like to build.

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Not Just For Pros

Hi Tony. In the January 2014 issue you had a How To article about setting Ackermann. I currently own a Team Associated Factory Team B4.1, a Duratrax Axis and an HPI Sprint 2 Drift. While I have always had the opportunity to adjust the Ackermann of these vehicles, I always thought it was just for the “Pro” drivers and it wouldn’t provide a noticeable effect for me, the basher/weekend racer.

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Spektrum AVC Challenge

The RC Driver Voice Your Choice award is among the most respected awards you can possibly get in the RC industry because it is solely determined by readers who log into our site and cast their votes. This year the Most Innovative Product winner was the Spektrum AVC and rightfully so.

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TrakPower VR-1 Dual Racing Charger

Review: TrakPower VR-1 Dual Racing Charger

As Lithium Polymer batteries have become the standard in RC and capacities and cell counts continually increase, so have the demands for more powerful chargers. High milliamp hours (mAh) batteries increase the charge duration. To combat this, more LiPo batteries now allow charge rates as high as 12C. Of course, you will be unable to take advantage of higher charge rates without high-powered equipment like the TrakPower VR-1 charger.

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Why Your RC Car Needs A BEC

RCD Electric: Where Does All the Power Go?

Let’s take a look at a very misunderstood part of RC cars and trucks, the BEC of your electronic speed control. This part performs an important function so understanding how it works can help you keep your electronics in good …

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Ford F-550 EarthRoamer XV-LT Expedition Vehicle

Project: Ford F-550 EarthRoamer XV-LT Expedition Vehicle

Cool builds take time and Lonnie Sexton has built a rig that is beyond cool and has taken more than five years to complete. In late 2007, I was online on a forum and remember running across his idea to build an RC EarthRoamer Xpedition vehicle. I ensured that I had the post marked so that I could track the progress. Lonnie indicated that the idea for the build had started when he was on and he had seen a group of builders starting a competition for a camper build-off.

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Spektrum DX4S Computer Radio

Review: Spektrum DX4S Computer Radio

The world of Spektrum radios is one of constant evolution, sprinkled with a bit of revolution now and again. From the early days of the module systems that converted existing radios to 2.4 GHz, people have looked to Spektrum for the latest spread spectrum innovations to keep them glitch-free. The newest release is the DX4S, which introduces DSMR, an update to DSM (Digital Spectrum Modulation) and DSM2. With each iteration, DSM technology has become more reliable with less chance of interference.

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Parma’s Baja Fifty Five

RCD Paint Plus: Parmas Baja Fifty Five

Parma always comes up with interesting bodies that fill a niche market, and I always happen to be in that market. I loved that they made a dune buggy body for a short course chassis, and now they have come up with this, a classic car desert racer! I have seen pictures of these cars off road, and the little angel on one shoulder tells me I should stick to the theme of a classic Baja racer, but when I look at this body, the little devil on the other shoulder says, “Hot rod flames!”

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