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Protection For Harsh Crashes – Pro-Line Racing Big-Hit Servo Saver

Pro-Line Racing Big-Hit Servo Saver

Pro-Line Racing has something that will help prevent you from tearing up your expensive servos in your Solid Axle Monster Truck or Rock Racer. Pro-Line’s new Big-Hit Servo Saver, absorbs the Big Hits while still providing precision steering feel.  The key …

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Names of Drivetrain Parts – Get Into RC

Names of Drivetrain Parts

Everyone had a first day in RC… EVERYONE! In Episode 009 of our “Get Into RC” video series, we are sending you to school, RC school. In this video we are going to teach you the names of the parts …

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Nitro Engine Necessities – O.S. Speed Flywheel Tools

When running nitro, having the right tools to get specific tasks done makes things so much easier. There will certainly be a time when you need to install a flywheel on the engine and there may be a time you …

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Bolt On Customization – Project Gone Wild Axial SCX10

Project Gone Wild Axial SCX10

One of the easiest RC trucks on the market to customize and make your own is the Axial SCX10. There is no shortage of aftermarket components. If you can think of it, it’s probably made. Aluminum this and that and …

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Entry-level Spec Class Speed Control – Reedy Blackbox 600Z Brushless ESC

Reedy Blackbox 600Z

Reedy keeps pumping out electronics equipment that racers prefer and now they’ve released the Blackbox 600Z Sensored Brushless Competition ESC as a great option for the entry-level spec class. The Reedy Blackbox 600Z has an economical price, is versatile, and has race-proven performance. …

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How To Set Up A Nitro Engine Starter Box

Nitro Engine Starter Box

There are many drivers making the switch from electric to nitro racing and bashing too. Nitro engines bring in a new element of fun and challenge to hunt down the perfect engine tune for insane power. Braap! But before you …

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Fun RC Car Kit Anyone Can Build – Tamiya’s The Grasshopper II

The Grasshopper II

Tamiya can be credited with introducing a massive number of people into the RC hobby. Many of the experts behind RC Driver themselves started in RC with a Tamiya kit. Greg started in 1980 with a Tamiya Falcon and built …

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Get Into RC – Know The Names Of Suspension Parts

Names Of Suspension Parts

Everyone had a first day in RC… EVERYONE! In Episode 008 of our “Get Into RC” video series, we are sending you to school, RC school. In this video we are going to teach you the Names Of Suspension Parts …

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RC Q&A Video – Episode 1 – Your Questions and Our Answers

RC Q&A Video

After today’s video shoot turned up unusable due to a wrong camera setting, we were still determined to give you some helpful RC information. So we turned to you and your questions you’ve posted in the comments section in other …

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Secure Your Speed Control – RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X


The aftermarket specialists at RPM have done it again. Their latest creation is the RPM ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X ESC provides a solid, positive mount to keep your new, and valuable ESC in place even under the most …

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Don’t Lose A Race – 10 Post-Race RC Maintenance Checks

RC Maintenance Checks

If you are serious about radio control car racing, you truly have to dedicate yourself to every area of racing from practice, tuning and even routine maintenance. Having a maintenance system is important to the success of the very next …

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Get Geared Up – The Story of a HoBao Racing Pit Space

Meet Mike. You will know that Mike is present because of the catastrophic mess and sprawl that follows him everywhere. His buggy is stripped of its shocks and tires and lays halfway into the next pit over, making the twelve …

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Pro-Line 1991 Toyota 4Runner Body Video

Pro-Line 1991 Toyota 4Runner Body

Our friends and an industry leader in RC accessories Pro-Line is ready to unleash another fully licensed body for Toyota fans: the 1991 Toyota 4Runner! All of the scale detail from the full-size 2nd Generation 4Runner SUV body style has …

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Tamiya Konghead 6×6 G6-01 Unboxing

Tamiya Konghead 6x6 G6-01

Tamiya builds some very cool radio control models that do not follow the norm. The new Tamiya Konghead 6×6 G6-01 electric 1/18-scale truck has RC building enthusiasts excited for some car and debris crushing fun. This truck immediately caught our …

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Ride inside with FPV – Dromida Electric 4WD RTR FPV Packs

Dromida Electric 4WD RTR FPV Packs

Why should drones have all the FPV fun? Dromida is putting you right into the action with their new FPV vehicle offerings. Dromida has been working hard at the design table to offer the Monster Truck and Rally Car FPV Packs that …

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