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Axial Grabs Our Attention…Again!

Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck

Well thanks for the whirlwind of emotions Axial! Axial has this thing about them; they create RC vehicles that people can relate to on a number of levels. From offering off-road adventure machines, to scale rigs that people can customize so it leaves them with a sense of pride and accomplishment. If you ever meet the passionate staff behind the products you will see that they live the products too and perhaps that is why RC enthusiasts are gravitating towards every release the guys sporting green have to offer.

The recent hit of emotion we got from Axial’s recent release, the SCORE Trophy Truck was all over the map. First the guys at the office were like ugh, a green boxy off-road truck. Just being honest here, the look of the truck didn’t initially wow us. But then we watched the video and oh wow, there was something there. Something that just grabbed our attention and pulled us closer to the Trophy Truck.
Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck
Getting deeper into the look of the truck, it has light buckets, hood vents and an integrated rear cage along with a lexan interior set. Photos and video on the web just don’t do it justice. This is a good-looking rig. Now let’s get deeper, Axial fixed some issues people had with the Yeti which the Trophy Truck is built off of. We’ve got 12mm wheel hexes so no pins tearing through wheel hubs. We have a swaybar out back to help make the handling a bit more nimble. And we have glued tires which were happy to see after ripping countless tires from the stock Yeti beadlocks. All good stuff.
Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck
But back to that video. The look, the tweaks in the platform, they really, I mean really make the Trophy Truck look cool in action. The deep front wheel tuck when the truck hits bumps, the rear suspension and axle dropping out after the truck flies off a jump. It reminds us of all those cool traits we all loved about short course trucks when they were first released. So that has us thinking. What does Axial have here? Have they hit the re-start button on the short course phenomenon? Will drivers want to get that cool scale realism they craved with the Trophy Truck and will it bring back heaps of drivers for a stock out of the box class? At about $450 bucks with no battery, it may be a bit out of reach for those on the entry-level side, but we can see this truck herding in drivers stoked for fast, super scale action.

Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck

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