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Carry your shock oil in style – Team Associated Fluid Carrier



Team Associated Fluid Carrier

You didn’t raid the pantry for a plastic bag to tote your shock and diff oils did you? Silly racer, plastic bags are for your sandwiches. Step up your storage with the Factory Team Fluid Carrier from Team Associated. This handy bag carries up to sixteen bottles of oil and has an additional pouch for things like tubes of grease. The nylon fabric bag has a handle and dual zippers to open the top flap. The separator box inside is made of sturdy corrugated plastic and as you can see the bag has a stylish blue and black look with the Factory Team logo printed on it.


Who Makes It: Team Associated
Part Number: SP425
Price: $34.99


Team Associated Fluid CarrierTeam Associated Fluid Carrier
The bag needs assembly when it arrives. It’ll take you a few minutes to assemble the plastic corrugated inner liner, slip it in the nylon bag and drop all of your oils in place. This fits Team Associated Lucas shock and diff oils just fine, but make sure your caps are on tight. Spills are fairly easy to clean, but just be conscious of closed bottle from the start.


-Tough nylon fabric bag construction
-Durable plastic bottle holding insert
-Extra pouch in lid for extra storage
-Allows you to rock the hashtag: #weareae

-Pricey for an oil tote
-Not a great gift for the wife or GF if she asks for a handbag

Team Associated Fluid CarrierTeam Associated Fluid Carrier

Additional features of the bag include a pouch in the top lid for extra storage and a handle on the side of the bag makes pulling it out of your pit carrier much easier. Two zippers secure the lid and make access to your stored items a breeze.



We like the fluid carrier. It’s a neat and easy way to store your shock and diff oils and as long as you used labeled Lucus Oil’s you’ll have no problem finding the bottle you need instantly.



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