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Project Altered Apex The Intro – Team Associated Apex TC Kit

Team Associated Apex TC

The radio control hobby is limitless when it comes to projects, but RC Driver’s Greg Vogel has been noticing a ridiculous amount of trail truck builds taking over all corners of the RC internet. The cycle must be broken, or …

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Build Your Own RC Snow Plow With Axial’s SCX10

It’s funny how things turn out in life sometimes. For the past 2-½ years, I’ve been a resident of Connecticut, enjoying the warm summers and cold (more like frigid!) winters. I’ve had the pleasure of building many different types of project vehicles, however the one I missed was some type of snow plow.

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Dromida 4.18 BL Series

Dromida has followed a rather natural line of progression in how they have handled their 4.18 series of off road vehicles. First came a set of five cool vehicles that all came with brushed power plants, were plenty of fun and priced right.

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Race Ready Duratrax 835E Review

Duratrax certainly hit a home run when they released the 835 and 835E 1/8-scale buggies, these offer near race worthy performance at a budget price. While the buggies perform well against other similarly priced models, I often wondered if this buggy could make it out on the track against these purely race-bred vehicles.

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5 Vintage Project Builds

There has been a noticeable resurgence in the vintage segment of our hobby and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. The bold distinct looks of these old school rides give them an unquestionable cool factor which is intriguing to hobbyists of all ages. This is especially true for those of use that are recapturing moments from our youth by once again owning the same vehicle that we started out with or even the dream vehicle we just could not afford at that time.

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High Tech Trail Adventure Project

At RC Driver we get to drive a lot of cool vehicles for testing, but there have been times recently where we’ve been jealous of the editors over in our sister magazine’s offices on what they are testing. Lately they’ve been raving over some FPV racing drones coming into the office. We see them testing out new goggles at their desks and flying the racing drones in our parking lot. That of course got our minds working on how we could use FPV in RC cars.

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Old School Flathead Dragster Review

There is a fine line between insanity and genius, and while I don’t claim to be either, once in a while I get a crazy idea that haunts me for years. I wanted to build a vehicle that could go zero to sixty fast enough to blow my mind while looking like it is flying when standing still. What really changed the direction was when I received a box from RCStacks.com

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The Slash 1/8 E-Buggy Project

If you just sit back and take a good look at the RC hobby, it’s amazing how many vehicles are offered and then backed up by a seemingly infinite number of option parts. Traxxas is a company with a large selection of vehicle offerings and the majority of those are supported by after market manufacturers. With so much going on around the TRX offerings, it’s no wonder that Traxxas vehicles are often selected to build projects with.

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Wild Axial SCX10 RC Jeep Project

There are a few RC vehicles on the market that seem to have an endless number of aftermarket parts available and the Axial SCX10 is one of those machines. It seems like wherever you look online, there is a totally custom SCX10 that has some parts you’ve never seen before.

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Traxxas Super Speed 4×4 Build & Giveaway [Updated 7-7-16]

Traxxas Super Speed 4x4 Build & Giveaway

  CLICK HERE TO ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN OUR TRAXXAS SUPER SPEED 4X4 BUILD!  RC Driver’s information packed newsletter just got more exciting! For the next two months we’ll be turning our Traxxas Rally 4×4 from a feature article …

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Project: Axial SCX-10 Deadbolt

Axial SCX-10 Deadbolt: Our hop-up parts and accessory picks for today’s popular vehicles that will boost performance, durability or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

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Project: Helion Dominos 10SCV2

Helton Dominos 10SCV2: Our hop-up parts and accessory picks for today’s popular vehicles that will boost performance, durability or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

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Project- Losi TEN Rally-X –Reworking an RC Road Warrior

Impact Linear FD2 6500mAh 4S LiPo Battery Pack

The TEN platform from Losi has been a home run since day one. It has worked successfully as a nitro buggy, nitro short course truck, electric short course truck and has even been converted to an electric buggy. My favorite variation of the TEN platform is the Rally-X because it is well suited for on-road and off-road use and has a great look about it.

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Project: Vaterra 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Project: Vaterra 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS: Our hop-up parts and accessory picks for today’s popular vehicles that will boost performance, durability or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride.

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Try something new in RC

When I started racing radio control cars, my first race was with my Tamiya Falcom in the parking lot of a hobby shop. It was the first time I had actually run my first RC car, prior to that I had driven a friend’s car in his driveway for about a minute. At the track, I ran practice and then my father bought some on-road tires, which we fitted to the Falcon.

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