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ProTek R/C TruTorque Shock Shaft Pliers

ProTek RC TruTorque Shock Shaft Pliers

The must have shock multi-tool   There isn’t a month that goes by when there isn’t a kit on my workbench being built. Building kits for me is just as much fun as actually racing the car when it’s done. …

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Radient Primal Multi-Chemistry Charger

RADIENT primal multi-chem-charger

So let’s say you’re new to the world of RC and you’re in need of a nice new charger to go with your shiny new ride or you’re the lucky recipient of a new or used RC vehicle that either …

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3Racing Lead Balance Weight with Graphite Pattern

3 RACING bw04 5g 10g wtWEB copy

Back when I started racing around 1986, everyone was concerned with how they could make their vehicle lighter. Heck, people used to drill Swiss Cheese-looking holes in their chassis to save weight!  Boy oh boy have times changed. Today you’ll …

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Get Your Gear To The Track In Style With The 3Racing Carrying Case Version 4

3 RACING pit bag 02WEB copy

Lugging your car, chargers, power supply, soldering iron, tools and everything else you need for a day at the track can at times be arduous. Several trips to your car and then several trips to your pit table is not only …

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Power Up With The iMax X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger

IMAXRC x400 twins 2w copy

First came theX200 touch screen charger followed by the X350 and the X100. Now, the people over at iMax have stepped up their game once again and have released the X400 Twins Touch Screen Balance Charger. This two-channel charger (thus the name …

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Pro-Line Pro-Spec Shocks

Pro-Line Shocks

It was late in the summer when I attended the 2013 RCM Short Course Nationals in Enfield, Connecticut, and pitted behind me was Gerardo Gonzalez of Pro-Line Racing. Gerardo always has some pretty trick rides to run and this year …

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Traxxas Low-CG Slash 2WD Chassis

The Traxxas Slash is, of course, credited with the launch of the popular short course market. The truck brought the fun and excitement of a short course truck to RC drivers of all calibers. The draw was realistic looks on …

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Hitec X1 Touch Multi-Charger

Review: Hitec X1 Touch Multi-Charger

Hitec has released a new touch screen charger that is sure to catch the eye of those wanting this type of technology sitting in their pits. The X1 Touch is the little brother to Hitec’s X1-200, but it’s still packed …

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Vaterra Nissan Silvia S15 V100-C 1/10 RTR

The Nissan Silvia was possibly one of Japan’s finest tuner vehicles available stateside throughout the ‘90s and a dominant force on the circuit. The last variant of the Nissan Silvia sadly wasn’t available in the states, and that is a …

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Duratrax Body Scissors and Reamer Set

Review: Duratrax Body Scissors and Reamer Set

As you can about imagine, we have quite a few RC rides here in the RC Driver office; everything from on-road cars monster trucks to short course and even a few drift cars. They are all cool in their own …

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All Around Grip with the AKA Roadblock Tires


There are tires for nearly every application on the market today. On-road, off-road, loose tracks, high-bite tracks, mud, sand, and everything in between. Sometimes though, you just want a great all-around tire capable of performing well on-road and off. Enter …

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Revell Dromida MT4.18

Let’s face it, our beloved hobby can be tough to crack into, especially with the costs of some of our rigs, and generally in our hobby you get what you pay for. Thankfully with the advances in high quality electronics, …

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HPI Racing Trophy 3.5 Buggy RTR

HPI trophy 3.5 Action 3

Most people think of 1/8 scale buggies as high performance race machines meant only for competition. The fact is, 1/8 buggies pack a lot of performance and a very strong package making them ideal for the backyard as well. HPI …

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iMax X100 AC/DC Touch Screen Balance Charger

IMAXRC x100 001w copy

iMax is one of the leading OEMs of chargers (as well as other accessories) and sells their products to other manufacturers, allowing them to sell that same charger under their own name brand.  One of their newest chargers is the …

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Panther Rolling Cargo Bag

Panther Rolling Cargo Bag

I just made my way back from the 2014 East Coast Large Scale Nats last week and, while packing for this trip, I was in need of a bag to haul all my 1/5-scale tires. I searched high and low …

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