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MYLAPS RC4 Pro Transponder – RCD Today Blog 10-4-18

If you’re an RC racer, you’ll most likely need your own transponder. If you’re not in the racer know, a transponder is a small electronic device that you plug into your receiver in your car to power it and it …

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RC4WD 1.55 Wheels & Tires For Project Tamiya MF-01X – RCD Today Blog 10-3-18

So a little while back while we were building up our Tamiya MF-01X G320 to be a better off-road machine, we ran into a bit of a snag. If you followed the Youtube Series HERE, you probably saw the tires …

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Spektrum DX5 Pro Arrival – RCD Today Blog 10-2-18

Today we’re sitting behind the computer getting some video work and article work done for the website so there isn’t much going on in terms of building. But! We did get a knock on the door from our FedEx delivery …

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Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks – RC Driver Today Blog 10-1-2018

We’ve had the Pro-Line Racing Ultra Reservoir Shocks in our collection for quite some time. They are a pretty amazing looking shock. All machined alumuminum and a function reservoir on the side of the cap. We’ve been holding onto them …

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RC Driver Today Blog 9-30-2018 – Painting The Tamiya Arocs Tipper Truck

Tamiya Arocs

Our friends at Tamiya were kind enough to send over their new Mercedes-Benz Arocs Tipper Truck for review when it was released. That was months ago. When the truck arrived we jumped right on the build. The chassis, drivetrain and …

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RC Driver Today Blog 9-29-2018 – G-Made GOM Rock Buggy Prep

This rig probably holds the record for the slowest build in the RC Driver workshop. Hobby Recreation Products, distributor of many popular products in RC sent over this GMade GOM Rock Buggy kit well over 8 months ago. Since it …

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RC Driver Today Blog 9-28-2018 – Pro-Line X-Maxx Trencher Tire & Pro-Loc Wheel Assembly

Today’s RC tasks have moved us out to our workbench in our garage. We have lots of projects in the works and bench space is limited. Today we’re working on assembling our Pro-Line X-Maxx Trencher tire and Pro-Loc rim combo. …

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Transform 1/10 4WD monster trucks with Pro-Line

Even if you have been in this hobby for a short amount of time, you have surely discovered that the majority of the vehicles that are out there are Ready-To-Runs (RTRs). One of the most popular RTR segments is the …

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Heavy Metal – Tamiya’s ultra-realistic RC tanks

Today we are lucky enough to have every type of RC vehicle available to us. If you can think of a full-size vehicle, chances are there is an RC counterpart for it. Now if you are a scale enthusiast and/or …

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RC Driver Today Blog 9/27/2018 – Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual

Traxxas EZ Peak Live

Today in the RC Driver Workshop, we are continuing to check out the Traxxas EZ Peak Live Dual charger. With so many Traxxas vehicles and batteries in our collection, we’re excited to add this charger to the gear we use …

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RC Driver Today Blog 9/26/2018 – Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 Upgrades

Today in the RC Driver Workshop, we’re working on our Pro-Line Racing Pro MT 4×4 project. This is part of our Youtube video build series on the popular basher truck where we’re installing aftermarket parts from Pro-Line and then we’re …

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3 Cool Truck Build Ideas With Pro-Line Racing

SPONSORED ARTICLE Spending just a little bit of time on the Pro-Line Racing website can get you into trouble. Each time we visit the site, we’re inspired by the lastest products they have released. One area that seems to receive …

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10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know Tamiya Made

Sponsored Article Ask any person off the street if they ever heard the name Tamiya and you’ll be surprised that many will say, yes they’ve heard the name in some way. Most will say they know someone who had an …

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Axialfest 2018 – An Unforgettable RC Experience

There is an event in the world of RC that just continues to grow and grow and… well, you get the idea. Sure we see reports of racing events with a record number of a couple hundred attendees here and …

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VTA Road Racing With PROTOForm

VTA Road Racing

For months now, we have featured a number of stories related to Pro-Line Racing products from their tire line-up to expansive body line and even performance parts you can purchase from the leading accessory company. But those focuses have always …

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