Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Super Scale Equipment For Your Trail Machine – Pro-Line Racing Scale Accessories


Sponsored By: Pro-Line Racing From July 12th – 16th Axialfest, a scale and trail truck fans dream event had close to 2000 attendees, an enormous showing that most, check that, all national level racing events would be envious of.  While the …

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Breaking Into RC – Do’s And Don’ts To Consider

So maybe you’re tired of videogames. Maybe your parents have told you to do something outside and the extension cord keeps throwing the breaker when you put the TV on the patio. Maybe you go a little bit insane if …

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6 RC Cars Under $150 – Perfect For Any Vacation Trip

RC Vacation Trip

It’s the summer months and many people and families are ready for some vacation fun at a destination other than home. There could be some beach time in their future, a camping trip or perhaps even a cruise. But a …

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RC Sheds Some Light On The Little Things

RC Sheds Some Light

I have recently been reintroduced into the world of RC cars. Perhaps too much free time and too active an imagination has caused me to draw some meaningful conclusions about life, based on the 1/10-scale world of RC. Whasis? Man …

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Endless Painting Possibilities – Tamiya Polycarbonate Spray Paint

Tamiya RC Paint

Sponsored By: Tamiya Painting bodies should be one of the most exciting tasks to building your RC vehicle. Sure you can bolt on some cool upgrades to personalize your RC machine, but with the body, you can take your personalization to …

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Could You Rule The Turf? – Pro-Line Racing Carpet Tires

Pro-Line Racing Carpet Tires

  Sponsored By: Pro-Line Racing It’s no secret that turf and carpet off-road tracks are on the rise in the United States. It’s not a new form of racing. In Europe, drivers have been running on this style of track …

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5 Fun RC Ideas For Father’s Day

5 Fun RC Ideas For Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day weekend and right about now, many families are scrambling and thinking of ideas so Dad’s day is extra memorable. Well if you are in the RC hobby or have just stumbled upon this website while looking for …

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Get Geared Up – The Story of a HoBao Racing Pit Space

Meet Mike. You will know that Mike is present because of the catastrophic mess and sprawl that follows him everywhere. His buggy is stripped of its shocks and tires and lays halfway into the next pit over, making the twelve …

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Cool Stuff from the National Retail Hobby Stores Association Show 2017

National Retail Hobby Store Association Show

For years, the owners and sometimes employees of hobby retailers near you have been traveling to Las Vegas for the National Retail Hobby Stores Association show. At this dealer event, shops meet and talk about everything under the sun to make …

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What Do You Think Wednesday?

What Do You Think Wednesday

As an RC Driver Fan, we’re sure you follow our social media channels… right? Well if for some reason you’ve missed a week or two of our Facebook feed, you’ve actually missed a lot. We’ve started a new video post …

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Heading to the Track? Remember to Have Fun and Don’t be a track tool

Have Fun

If you have ever been to the track, you’ve probably seen one. You know, the guy screaming “Rubbin’s racin!” at the top of his lungs as he t-bones an innocent buggy into the wall. Or that kid duct taped to …

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Tips To Be A Better Backyard Basher

Backyard Basher

So maybe the track isn’t your thing. Maybe you were just there and it’s clogged with party renters and fear for your ride and your sanity has overcome you, chasing you back to the homestead. Maybe you’re antisocial and you …

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Today At RC Driver – RC Tool Set Overhaul – 4/19/17

RC Tool Set

Today in the RC Driver workshop… was a day dedicated to our RC Tool Set. Or, well at least hunting down our tools that have been scattered about during various project builds. Not only is having the right tools on hand …

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Today At RC Driver – Traxxas TQi Radio Round-Up – 4/18/17

Traxxas TQi Radio

Today in the RC Driver workshop… we were working on one of our Traxxas machines, the E-Revo to be exact. The truck is being prepped for an upcoming article and video on the Traxxas GPS module. If you own a …

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RC Driver Rewind

If you have been around this great hobby for a long while like I have you have seen a great many cool vehicles come and go. Some, that shall remain nameless, never really caught on or were poorly designed. Others had a huge fan following but their time simply ran out and they were superseded by newer and more modern vehicles.

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