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Cool Stuff from the National Retail Hobby Stores Association Show 2017

National Retail Hobby Store Association Show

For years, the owners and sometimes employees of hobby retailers near you have been traveling to Las Vegas for the National Retail Hobby Stores Association show. At this dealer event, shops meet and talk about everything under the sun to make …

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What Do You Think Wednesday?

What Do You Think Wednesday

As an RC Driver Fan, we’re sure you follow our social media channels… right? Well if for some reason you’ve missed a week or two of our Facebook feed, you’ve actually missed a lot. We’ve started a new video post …

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Heading to the Track? Remember to Have Fun and Don’t be a track tool

Have Fun

If you have ever been to the track, you’ve probably seen one. You know, the guy screaming “Rubbin’s racin!” at the top of his lungs as he t-bones an innocent buggy into the wall. Or that kid duct taped to …

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Tips To Be A Better Backyard Basher

Backyard Basher

So maybe the track isn’t your thing. Maybe you were just there and it’s clogged with party renters and fear for your ride and your sanity has overcome you, chasing you back to the homestead. Maybe you’re antisocial and you …

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Today At RC Driver – RC Tool Set Overhaul – 4/19/17

RC Tool Set

Today in the RC Driver workshop… was a day dedicated to our RC Tool Set. Or, well at least hunting down our tools that have been scattered about during various project builds. Not only is having the right tools on hand …

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Today At RC Driver – Traxxas TQi Radio Round-Up – 4/18/17

Traxxas TQi Radio

Today in the RC Driver workshop… we were working on one of our Traxxas machines, the E-Revo to be exact. The truck is being prepped for an upcoming article and video on the Traxxas GPS module. If you own a …

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RC Driver Rewind

If you have been around this great hobby for a long while like I have you have seen a great many cool vehicles come and go. Some, that shall remain nameless, never really caught on or were poorly designed. Others had a huge fan following but their time simply ran out and they were superseded by newer and more modern vehicles.

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10 Cool Pit Tools For Under $20

So you’ve gone out and bought your very first high-end radio control kit and can’t wait to get building. You crack open the box, lay out all the well labeled bags and even read the instructions. You are now ready to build; until you notice that all the required tools to do so are either missing or of such low quality they belong in a kid’s tool set.

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The Art of Paul Pike

Somewhere in the northeast of England lives a 34-year old artist who now has a fan in the eastern United States… Me! I came across the RC artwork of Paul Pike while loitering on Facebook and immediately fell in love with his style.

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RCD Stuff

RCD Stuff from the editors of RC Driver: 1/5-Scale Pavement Tires, Temperature Recorder, Drone View Camera, 1/8 Prime Tires, More!

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A Different Start

What was it that got you into RC? Were you interested in models and stumbled upon the world of radio control? Did you see someone bashing an RC vehicle in the street or yard and say you had to have one too? Did you buy several toy store brand machines before researching the hobby side of RC?

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Hands On!

I was about 12-years-old when I got my first Tyco radio control car. I guess you could call vehicles like this the original ready to runs, and it was plenty of fun for the few weeks I was able to avoid puddles. Not knowing what get next my father and I scoured local toy stores...

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Practice Watch Practice

Sometimes I’ll stare at the computer monitor for hours running topics through my head worthy enough to put on these pages for you to read. This month the topic came rather easily when a young driver approached me at the track the day before and asked if I could give him some advice. His question was rather simple and it applies to many. His question was: “How do I drive better?

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M Class is Waking Up

Do you remember M class? It’s based on the M chassis platform from Tamiya and was often a big draw at many race facilities several years ago… you know… before the Slash/Short Course craze began its sweep across the hobby. This used to be the class to run if you wanted to keep it simple and affordable.

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Changing Tracks

A few months ago I wrote about how vehicles in the 2WD buggy class have changed over the years by giving a small profile on each vehicle that won at the IFMAR off-road World Championships. This time I’ll explore track surfaces used at these elite races. I hope to figure out if tracks changed due to the cars, or if cars changed due to tracks.

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