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Check Out The Losi TEN-SCBE RTR with ACV

Losi - TEN-SCBE RTR with ACV_2 copy

The Losi TEN-SCBE fills the void left by other desert buggies with realism, performance, and durability that can’t be matched. Where others failed the TEN-SCBE succeeds with a build based on the TEN-SCTE platform that delivers superior handling characteristics and aggressive durability. Thanks to an open wheel design, roll-cage, and multi-panel body, this short course dominator looks just as aggressive as the desert destroyers it’s based on and attacks the terrain just like its inspirations. The TEN-SCBE is also as ruthless as its inspirations with a 4WD shaft driven drivetrain that just doesn’t quit and a ballistic 4-pole, 3800Kv brushless motor. Best of all, the TEN-SCBE includes AVC Technology, so you can push the limits of this ballistic buggy, without having to hold back.


Design based on TLR TEN-SCTE 2.0 platform
4 Wheel Drive Drivetrain
Roll cage with body panels and wing
Spektrum AVC Technology
Dynamite Fuze 3800Kv brushless motor
Dynamite Fuze 130A brushless ESC
Aggressive open-wheel design
Aluminum, Adjustable, Oil-filled, Coil-over Shocks
2.4GHz DX2E radio transmitter with 4 AA batteries included
Short course wheels and tires
Looks and drives like its inspiration

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