Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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DEX210V3 2wd Off Road Buggy

tdrc0012 copyThis version of the Durango flagship buggy has new features including multi-axle driveshafts, a cab forward style body, can use 14mm wheels as well as industry standard 12mm wheels, has O-ring captured hex pins as well as many other improvements and refinements.

Other standard features include the Durango hybrid gearbox that can be built in either mid or rear motor configuration with a 3 or 4 internal gear make-up.



• Evolved from the 2014 Euro champion DEX210

• Improved looks, durability, and tuning options

• Patented rear and mid, 4- and 3-gear layout options

• Medium 62.5mm and long 65mm driveshafts

• Upgraded body design

• New 12mm hex wheels

• Multi-axle wheel axles and driveshafts

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