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EB48.4 1/8th Competition Electric Buggy Kit from TeknoRC

TeknoRC - EB48.4 1-8th Competition Electric Buggy Kit_3

With the EB48.4 TeknoRC has once again raised the bar and improved on nearly every aspect of the buggy.  Some updates include new CNC 7075 Chassis with improved wear characteristics, revised steering geometry and ackerman plate, revised ultra efficient drivetrain with new universal driveshafts and revised internal gear ratio for improved efficiency just to name a few.

EB48.4 New Features
New CNC 7075 Chassis with Improved Wear Characteristics
Revised Steering Geometry and Ackerman Plate
Bearing Supported Spindle/Carrier Design
Revised Wide Rear Pivot Suspension Geometry
Revised Ultra Efficient Drivetrain with New Universal Driveshafts
Revised Internal Gear Ratio for Improved Efficiency
CNC 4×1.9 Flat/Flat Delrin Pistons and CNC Delrin Guides
New CNC 7075 Aluminum Bleeder Shock Caps (emulsion, vented, non-vented)
New LF (low frequency) Shock Springs
New Fighter Jet Inspired Body Design
These changes feed into one desire to manufacture the best handling, most consistent, most durable, and highest value kit on the market. We’re confident that our wonderful customers will agree that we have delivered on these goals.

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