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3 Upgrade Ideas Thursday – ECX Rukus 2wd Monster Truck Options

There is nothing like going out for a fun bash session with a 2wd monster truck. They are just fun machines to launch off of jumps, rip across dirt fields with, roost sand and tear up the backyard grass with. One such machine that excels through these torture tests is the ECX Rukus Monster Truck. This ready to run MT is available for a reasonable price and pumps out a lot of fun for anyone from the occasional basher to those two get their RC fill every day. The truck is durable, has a respectable speed and parts are easy to obtain if something does happen. But there is room for improvement and we’ve have a few recommendations on parts to buy if you are looking to upgrade your ECX Rukus.

ECX Rukus


ECX Rukus


Servo Saver Eliminator – The Rukus comes with a servo saver built into the steering cranks. This system is meant to save the servo from damage by the abuse it endures during crashes. The servo saver does the job, but it does it a bit too well. The soft spring in the servo saver actually flexes a lot and because of that diminishes the steering throw too much. To eliminate this problem, RPM has developed this steering assembly replacement; the Servo Saver Eliminator. This system includes everything you need including instruction to swap out the stock steering cranks with these strong RPM cranks. The steering will have much better throw with these cranks and they are more durable, but we do recommend upgrading the servo in the process. 

Manufacturer: RPM
Part: Servo-Saver Eliminator Bellcrank
Part Number: 73492
Price: $11.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2p9G5PW




ECX Rukus

S6020 Digital Surface Servo- So just above we suggested upgrading the steering cranks and gave you a tip to upgrade the servo with it. This is a great servo we reccomend using that won’t break the bank. The Spektrum S6020 Digital Surface Servo features metal gears to hold up to the abuse of the new cranks and its high torque holding ability will keep the wheels turned while the large MT tires are tackling the terrain. This servo will drop right into your Rukus using the stock hardware and servo horn.

Manufacturer: Spektrum
Part: S6020 Digital Surface Servo
Part Number: SPMSS6020
Price: $37.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2qIUzan


ECX Rukus

Aluminum Rear Hubs – So you like to grab full throttle and go all out in your bash session. That’s fun and all but on big full throttle tumbling crashes, you possibly bust off the upper link mounting tab of the stock plastic hub. We’ve seen it happen. To prevent this, ECX offers some aluminum units. These hubs drop right in place of the stock hubs using the included hardware. These are much stronger than stock and nicely priced under twenty bucks.

Manufacturer: ECX
Part: Aluminum Rear Hubs
Part Number: ECX334000
Price: $17.99
Link To Buy: http://amzn.to/2qDQEMR


The ECX Ruckus is pure fun and with these upgrades can boost the fun factor with much better steering and better durability. There are plenty more aluminum options for the Rukus directly from the ECX camp. So if you get the itch for more aluminum goodies check out their option list HERE.




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