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ECX Torment 4×4 Front Bumper & Kick Plate from RPM


RPM - ECX Torment 4x4 Front Bumper & Kick Plate_1 copy

The RPM Front Bumper & Kick Plate solves the breakage issues by re-engineering both the kick plate and bumper to incorporate four bumper mounting screws and a brace, all designed to improve the durability and strength of the front bumper dramatically.

Their design moves the bumper mounting screws away from the front differential and are then tied into a new structure designed specifically for the front bumper and in a place that will not cause harm to more fragile front-end components.

The RPM front bumper also allows the use of #80982 or #80983 front bumper light kit (sold separately). When combined with the Roof Light Kit (RPM #80922 or #80923 – also sold separately), you have the option to add as many as 10 LED’s to the front of your Torment for some killer night-burning fun!

RPM Torment 4×4 front bumpers are molded in black and backed by a limited lifetime warranty against breakage. Bolt one on and never fear of tearing up the track, backyard or favorite bash spot again!

Tech Notes: RPM #81612 replaces the kick plate from ECX231010 & the bumper and bumper support

from #ECX231018. Each bumper includes all additional hardware needed for installation and complete installation instructions.

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