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Firebolt DM2 2wd Off Road Buggy from VBC Racing

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Not only does VBC Racing produce highly competitive on-road kits, they also offer highly competitive off-road kits.That said, VBC Racing introduced in November of last year a mid-motor layout 2WD buggy design, called the Firebolt DM2.

With the ever growing popularity of artificial turf and sugar watered off-road racing surfaces, VBC Racing specifically designed the Firebolt DM2 for these high-grip track conditions.

After several years of extensive development and testing, They’ve developed a 2WD 1/10th scale vehicle with a plethora of new features that come standard on the Firebolt DMS

New features such as…

New! – Ground breaking 7075 T6 aluminum rear chassis strut
New! – One piece 2.5mm 7075 T6 aluminum low CG chassis
New! – Carbon fiber upper deck and two thick 3.7mm front and rear shock towers
New! – Firebolt aluminium Extreme lightweight motor plate
New! – Firebolt Reinforced idler gear
New! – Slipper pad and spur gear

Other features…

– The Firebolt DM2 is one of the most versatile chassis’ in the market with a multitude of battery mounting positions allowing for weight distribution adjustments. This chassis design allows for standard, shorty, square, and saddle battery packs.

– The narrow chassis design to reduce chassis scrub
– Adjustable front suspension mount kick up angles
– Full 7075 T6 aluminum parts including mount mount, suspension mounts, rear bulkhead, rear chassis strut
– Full 7075 T6 aluminum Big Bore 12mm oversize shocks and shock caps with integrated bleeder screws
– Harden spring steel parts are standard equipment, such as CV drive shafts and turnbuckles
– Adjustable caster inserts
– Quick rear toe and anti squat adjustment
– Oversize rear hub bearings and camber link inserts.
– Captured hinge pin system
– Horizontal steering ball studs for fine Ackerman adjustments
– High torque slipper system
– Ultra smooth ball differential
– The kit will include a clear Lexan body and rear wing

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