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Smooth Throttle For Off Road Racing – LRP Flow X Off Road Spec ESC

Smooth Throttle For Off Road Racing – LRP Flow X Off Road Spec ESC

Following right on the bumper of the successful Flow X TC Spec speed control is the LRP Flow X Off Road Spec ESC. With experience gathered during numerous tests with LRP WorksTeam has once again developed a new mixture, which will bring even more consistency and driving feel into Off road racing. With exceptionally smooth power delivery and special brake settings, this ESC will make you faster on any surface imaginable.


The new Flow X Offroad comes with the following new main features:

• LRP’s exclusive Customized Super FETs (CSF-01) for highest power output and efficiency
• Heavy duty 2.8mm 8-layer power board for minimum resistance and lowest core temperatures
• New v3.1 software specialized for off road racing
• Bulletproof 6V/6A BEC for the most reliable power output
• Full aluminium case in exclusive state of the art design

All new power & logic board hardware | Customized LRP cooling plates | Lowest internal core temperature | Black super flexible WorksTeam customized power wires | Black short receiver wire | Selected hardware components | Low profile case design with improved air-flow | Easy solder system | Dust and waterproof buttons (IP68) | v4.1 touring car onroad software for Modified and Stock classes incl. Boost 0 | Multi-mode power profile adjustment & new MPS4 protection system

Special new brakes types BDX10 and BDX20 made especially for the FLOW X for the most consistent and powerful braking in every condition | New electronic timing algorithm for smooth and yet extreme power gains | Timing delay feature for smoothest throttle control | Optimized internal adjustments of the micro-controller parameters for faster response and consistent running | Optimized Protection levels with precision temperature readout | Tested in hardest race conditions | 100% LRP quality approved with sophisticated functional and electrical test incl. drive simulation.

Cont. Current 220A
Peak Current up to 1800A
Voltage Input 7.4V (2S)
Motor Limit >2.5T
Software v4.1
Case Size 33.7×32.6×19.8mm
Weight 44g (excl. wires)
Power system Sensored brushless
Driving function Forward/Brake
Power Wires WorksTeam 12 AWG black
Receiver Wire longer than TC Spec

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