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Interco Bogger 1.9” G8 Rock Terrain Tires Mounted by Pro-Line

Interco Bogger 1.9” G8 Rock Terrain Tires Mounted

This is a pair of pre-mounted Interco Bogger 1.9″ Tires. These massive 5.4″ tall x 1.91″ wide tires are perfect for guys looking to do some Mud Bogging with their rigs or for recreating a beloved full size truck in perfect scale detail. Pro-Line’s officially licensed Interco® Bogger® tires feature a directional tread pattern with the patented Interco TSL (three stage lug) design just like the full-size tires. The new Bogger® tires are aggressive in stock form and are also extremely versatile and easily modified for even more mud flinging performance. They come in Pro-Line’s legendary G8 compound, so you know they will perform beyond expectations right out of the package.


The Interco Bogger 1.9″ tire comes conveniently pre-mounted to Impulse Black Plastic 1.9″ wheels that are Proudly Made in the USA! These all-new Impulse wheels are designed to not only look scale but to be super easy to use by only requiring 6 screws per wheel for mounting tires. The unique 3-piece plastic wheel design bolts together in the back and locks on to Pro-Line’s incredible list of 1.9″ Crawling Tires. The back of this 12mm hex Rock Crawling 1.9″ wheel also accepts Pro-Line’s Brass Brake Rotor Weights (sold separately) for additional looks and performance. The overall wheel width and wheel offset are the same as Pro-Line’s line of 1.9″ Aluminum Pro-Forge Wheels, so you know they will fit your truck and look good doing it.

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