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Get Into Drones – The Traxxas Aton Quadcopter Drone

Aton-Traxxas copy

Unless you have been living under a rock you clearly know that quadcopters, better known as drones are all the rage this outdoor season.  Well, the radio controlled experts over at Traxxas are about to release a new unit of their own,the Aton, that is sure to set the industry on edge due to its price point and features.

Aton is your personal video assistant that captures stunning aerial footage in a way that is easy and fun, without the need for any specialized skill or experience. Aton is sporty and smart, practically flying itself with auto take off and simple, intuitive directional control. You simply direct Aton towards your subject and Aton becomes the steady hand in the sky that captures the moment from exciting new vantage points. Press a button, and Aton quickly returns to home and lands automatically.

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