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Jump Your RC In Style – RC Bash Ramps Review

If you’re an RC basher, than most likely, you love jumping as part of your radio control excitement. RC Driver’s can get creative with their jumps, sometimes using a sheet of plywood or bike ramps to launch their buggy or truck. But these jumps typically aren’t specifically designed for RC cars. A new company to the industry saw the need for an RC specific ramp and set out to build the best RC car jump possible. That company is RC Bash Ramps. RC Bash Ramps are stylish, lightweight, easily portable ramps with a take-off specifically for RC’s to get more air and lots of distance. We got our hands on a couple ramps to show you how cool they are and how much air you can get with them.

RC Bash Ramps Website: https://www.rcbashramp.com/

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