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K&N Ford Mustang GT V100 Drift RTR from Vaterra

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The K&N Mustang GT from Vaterra comes ready to run with a waterproof Dynamite power system and special drift tires that let you power slide like a pro. It uses a proven V100-S chassis with 4wd drivetrain, Volk CE28N wheels with realistic brake disc and caliper details, 2.4GHz radio system, 1800mAh NiMh battery, 200mAh wall charger and more.

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  1. I just bought one. Kind of a conundrum to adjust ride height for an average street as it really does sit too low not to pass over little street pebbles without making the car bounce and scratch it all up underneath. Also, the lower grade Losi/ECX transmitter and receiver is a fairly big letdown as the Spektrum would have obviously been preferred.

    My main gripe is how the wheel wells seems to be fitted for the larger Vaterra drift wheels (obviously), so my eBay specials look bad on the car like running 15″ rims on a real Mustang along with the chassis basically sitting on the ground. I’d like to both rally and drift to change things up, but don’t want to buy two cars for that… I was hoping a change of wheels would take care of that, which it will, but sadly without my favorite looking drift wheels which were dirt cheap to re-skin. I’ll have to see if backing out the droop screws will give me enough height, then drop down the shell to make it look good with my favorite drift wheels. Messing with droop screws and shock preloaders can open up a can of worms, so I suppose I’ll just shell out more money for a set of dedicated Vaterra drift wheels which are larger in diameter and will solve the problem. These cars are just sit too low in my opinion.

    I still like the car, but sort of wish I bought a competitor’s model which a person can simply change over the front hubs and rear uprights from race to rally which are all included in the kit… that is an awesome idea because it doesn’t throw the suspension out of whack because the arms basically sit at the same level ergo no camber change unlike messing with shock shims and whatnot to achieve higher ride height at the expense of stiffer suspension.

    Lastly, for the price, an aluminum driveshaft should have come standard (besides the Spektrum trans/rec) because a brushless system upgrade is far too enticing and which can potentially behead plastic driveshafts.

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