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Latrax Rally Carbon Fiber Chassis Upgrade

Project Mini Road Warrior Latrax Rally has gone through a bunch of upgrades already, ball bearings, new shock towers, new aluminum shocks, now it’s time for a huge change. A carbon fiber chassis swap! The Latrax Rally Carbon Fiber Chassis set comes with everything you need to swap out the old plastic tub and top plates with a performance carbon chassis. In this video we swap out the chassis, throw in a few helpful tips and then take it to a local indoor track for a quick rip around the course. Ready to take your Latrax to the next level? Start watching!

Product: Rally Options
By: LaTrax
Part Number: 7525
Price: $100


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  1. If you really wanna make this thing rip.. You need to do the bearings and install a 370 brushless like the trackstar 370 7700kv. On a 2s lipo with a 14 tooth pinion. Do it Greg!!!

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