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New Pre-Assembled Blazer Body Kits from Traxxas

If you are a fan of old school 4×4’s and you want super realism, then the new pre-assembled Blazer Body kits from Traxxas will be right up your alley. You will also see what else you can add to the body kits to complete them and the available wheelbase conversion kits for the Traxxas TRX-4.


New Pre-Assembled Blazer Body Kits

New pre-assembled Blazer body kits come out of the box ready to mount and hit the trail in just minutes. The kit includes front and rear chromed bumpers and bumper mounts along with the rear body mount. Designed to fit a 312 mm wheelbase, the bodies feature amazing scale details from the injection molded grille to the chromed side mirrors and door handles. These kits are available now and cost $179.99.

Accessories to complete the build

The Blazer’s replica Rally wheels and accessory light kit take scale realism to the next level. Working headlights, tail lights, and side markers combine with the Traxxas power module for a rock-solid lighting system.


TRX-4 wheelbase conversion kits

TRX-4 wheelbase conversion kits from Traxxas make it easy to switch between long wheelbase models like the Land Rover Defender and Tactical Unit (324mm), and the short wheelbase Blazer (312mm).

For more information, visit: TRAXXAS

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