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Now Shipping – The MR “O” Racing TD2-4 Conversion Kit


The TD2-4 is a chassis kit to make the next generation of 2wd 1/10th buggy using the Team Durango dex210 and dex410 cars and is suitable for low and high grip tracks.

MR O Racing, TD2-4 , Conversion Kit copyThe td2-4 opens up new ideas for 1/10th off road race cars. The main weight of the car in the center of the chassis to minimize weight transfer from front to back and left to right. This allows the suspension to be softer and makes a very easy and stable car to drive on the limit. With the suspension being softer also allows the suspension to do its job and generate grip so yes it was designed as a high grip car but has proven to be just as quick as a mid motor car in the wet so no need to have a wet and dry cars anymore. The chassis can hold saddle pack battery (needs a different battery brace) but is designed around a shorty pack. The chassis is a high grade aluminium and so are the side pods but they have a 3d printed covering also the battery brace is 3d printed as well.
The motor doesn’t generate grip like the mid motor as the td2-4’s suspension generates the grip and not the motor as this is used as a gyro and its nearest to the center of the car as possible. With the motor used in this way it allows the car to carries more speed and keeping the rear from stepping out. The faster the car is travelling the more stable it becomes.

Kit includes;
•2mm think high grade aluminium chassis
•High grade aluminium side pods
•4mm thick high grade aluminium C brace
•3d printed side pod covers
•3d printed battery brace for shorty pack
•3d printed rear mounted shock spacers
•3d printed center shaft boot sleave
•rc penguin body shell
•All pre-assembled ready for the Team Durango parts to attached

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