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Outerwears Slash 4×4 Generation 2 Shroud

Outerwears shroud

Outerwears has been fighting debris and contaminants on vehicles big and small for years. They have helped us in the RC market keep our machines in better running condition with their Outerwears prefilter for motors, air filters, Shockwears for shocks and their chassis shrouds. But Outerwears felt it was time to step things up a notch and revised their shrouds to make them even easier to install and use. Therefore, they have released their second-generation shroud.
The new shroud is made out of the same Teraflow fabric as before, but this time it is fitted with a low profile Velcro on the edges with a stronger elastic and the most important new feature, the hydrophobic zipper. This new contaminant resistant zipper allows easy access to the electronics or, more importantly, the battery without having to undo the Velcro. Simply unzip the shroud and get into your car’s guts; do what you have to do and zip it back up.

As of now the new shroud is available for the standard Traxxas Slash 4×4. We took the truck out with the new shroud and blasted it around the office grounds. After a full pack we took a look at the shroud. It was dusty and dirty, but once we unzipped the shroud, the inside was still nice and clean.
The new improvements to Outerwears Traxxas Slash 4×4 shroud makes getting to the battery of the truck much easier than having to remove the Velcro and reposition it every time you want to get inside your rig. Those who want to keep as much debris out of their standard Slash 4×4 will certainly find this shroud useful and easy to use. But what about all those other cars on the market? Rumor is that Outerwears is thinking about making a LCG Slash 4×4 shroud next and they are looking for recommendations on what popular vehicle to make generation two shrouds for after that. Do you want to see a generation two shroud for your favorite vehicle? Let them know! Email:

Made by: Outerwears
Product: Shroud with Zipper
Available From: Many online and local retailers
Made for: Slash 4×4 Standard Chassis
Part #: 20-2901
Cost: TBA

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