Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Traxxas X Maxx Review

Recently, the editors and I were chatting about current vehicle offerings from manufacturers and Traxxas became the focus as we have not seen an all new vehicle from them in quite some time. We were speculating on what and when the next big release would occur. We all agreed and hoped it would be an entirely new vehicle and not simply an updated version of a current model since it has been a while that we have seen one.

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Is This An RC Monster Truck You Can Afford To Love?

I’m not a monster truck guy. I was ready to hate the Conquest, but I quickly grew to love it, and I was impressed at the value, not to mention the performance. The Helion Conquest 10MT XLR is remarkably stable, even at high speeds, and exhibits understeer when pushed to its limits, rather than rolling over to play dead.

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HUDY’s new 1/8 On-Road Transport Bag

HUDY currently offers an extensive line of R/C carrying bags, and they continue to expand their lineup by releasing their new 1/8 scale onroad bag. As expected, the new bag features signature HUDY graphics, high-quality European materials, padded walls, and …

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