Monday, July 24, 2017

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DX5R 5-Channel DSMR Racing System from Spektrum

Spektrum - DX5R 5-Channel DSMR Racing System (3) copy

The Spektrum DX5R gives bashers, boaters and racers an impressive list of pro-class features at a remarkably affordable price. DX5R capitalizes on the familiar and Highly intuitive Spektrum Radio programming interface and leverages the ergonomics and adjustability from the flagship …

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Hyper10 SC Gets a Splash

Recently I was hanging out with my friends, racing 1/10-scale 2WD buggies at the local indoor clay track. As you may know, buggies are an open wheel class where you avoid contact with the other cars. In between races we were watching the 4WD short course trucks run. These trucks were really too much for the tight indoor track, but these guys were really thrashing away, slamming into the walls, the pipes, and each other.

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255 Dual Output Charger

Who has only one radio controlled vehicle? Seriously, the vast majority of the people that I know own two or more cars, trucks or boats. In addition, many vehicles run on multiple battery packs. Still, the few people that do own one lonely vehicle still have several battery packs. Waiting around for one pack, then another to charge so you can go out and have some fun

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Mini BlingZ LED Light Strips

We love our LEDs nowadays. Younger readers may not realize just how far LED technology has come, but LEDs have never been as small, bright, colorful, and efficient as they are now. They make our world much more vibrant and brightly lit, especially for the RC crowd, where weight and power consumption are always a concern. There are several companies producing lights specifically for RCs...

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Practice Watch Practice

Sometimes I’ll stare at the computer monitor for hours running topics through my head worthy enough to put on these pages for you to read. This month the topic came rather easily when a young driver approached me at the track the day before and asked if I could give him some advice. His question was rather simple and it applies to many. His question was: “How do I drive better?

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M Class is Waking Up

Do you remember M class? It’s based on the M chassis platform from Tamiya and was often a big draw at many race facilities several years ago… you know… before the Slash/Short Course craze began its sweep across the hobby. This used to be the class to run if you wanted to keep it simple and affordable.

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Changing Tracks

A few months ago I wrote about how vehicles in the 2WD buggy class have changed over the years by giving a small profile on each vehicle that won at the IFMAR off-road World Championships. This time I’ll explore track surfaces used at these elite races. I hope to figure out if tracks changed due to the cars, or if cars changed due to tracks.

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