Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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Lipo Battery: Safety First

Fear monger! I overheard a conversation regarding LiPo battery packs that almost came across as over the top and scary. By the end, the person asking the questions and looking to make some educated purchases, decided old style NiMH battery packs were the only option because of safety concerns. This may seem extreme to any long time RC enthusiast.

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Team Associated SC10B Hop Up

Our picks for performance, durability, and/or appearance upgrades Here are our accessory and hop-up picks for today’s popular vehicles that can boost performance, durability and/or appearance and leave you with a sweet custom ride. This article was originally published in RC …

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Dial in your Steering

Welcome back, fans of all things technical and perhaps considered confusing. This month’s tech topic will touch on an area often overlooked; steering setup and adjustments. Steering settings in your transmitter can literally make or break a setup.

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Tekno RC Success at 2016 US Open


This weekend the Tekno Team traveled to Phoenix Arizona’s Fear Farm for the annual US Open race. Many fast drivers were in attendance, and everyone wanted to get their hands on the purse money. Joe Bornhorst reports from the race: …

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RC10B64D Team Kit From Team Associated!


Designed to take advantage of today’s faster-than-ever tracks, the RC10B64D Team Kit offers increased durability, all new suspension geometry, a wider tuning window, improved weight distribution, and easy maintenance. Excelling on high-traction surfaces, the B64D’s adjustable axle height and roll …

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