Monday, May 22, 2017

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Pro Boat Voracity-E 36 Review

One glance at the killer-looking, ultra-sleek hull of the Voractiy-E 36 deep-V from Pro Boat and you can quickly deduce that this boat is built for serious performance. With further examination you will find that it is outfitted with a very powerful Dynamite 6-pole brushless motor system capable of handling up to 22.2 volts of power thus allowing it to hit near highway speeds.

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Hitec MD-10 Action Camera Review

There are many options on the market for action cams these days and while some might be better than others, you almost always get what you pay for. However, this is not quite so with the new MD-10 from Hitec. The manufacturer teamed up with AEE to develop a small, user friendly HD solution at quite a nice price.

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Defy LiPo Batteries from Motiv

Motiv - Defy LiPo Batteries

Motiv has four new LiPo battery packs ready for releases or all sorts of racing.  There is the standard sized V6000 2S 6000mAh 100C+ pack, the V4000 shorty type 2S 4000mAh 70C+ pack and the 1S 7800mAh 90C+ and V6000 …

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