Monday, May 22, 2017

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Reedy 1216-C2 Dual Competition Charger

Team Associated - Reedy 1216-C2 Dual AC-DC Competition Balance Charger copy

The RC masses have been anxiously waiting for Reedy to release a new charger, but they took the time to do it right and dropped the 1216-C2 on us. With 29 world championships under their belt, they had to be sure their new charger met the demands of the racer and lived up to Reedy's championship winning reputation before going public. The public has responded and the 1216-C2 is a hot item that sold out in several online stores before I could write this review!

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Painting Distressed Panels & Rivets

I've watched short course trucks evolve from an entry level, semi-scale, basher class to a full-on race class packed with serious competition. As the class evolved, we saw the bodies evolve from scale representations of full size models, to slick, aerodynamic bodies swiss cheesed with vent holes to prevent parachuting.

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Reedy LiPo Battery Weight Set


These weights have been modified (now 22g and 36g) with the value laser etched onto each piece along with the world-famous Reedy Powered logo. These weights can be used together or separately under your low-profile shorty LiPo battery to add …

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Outcast 6S BLX from ARRMA –


Perhaps the ultimate basher, the Outcast 6S BLX from ARRMA is big, fast and most of all, tough.  To start, it comes with a sweet pick-up truck style body with a functional realistic looking bumper and wheelie bar that makes …

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Nero Flash Sale at Tower Hobby!


Just in time for the holidays – save on ARRMA NERO! ARRMA’s NERO monster truck platform offers more power than you can control…almost. Experience 60+ mph out of the box, thanks to the pre-installed BLX power system and 6S compatibility. …

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G8X Review

Fast, cheap and durable. It used to be a rule that you had to pick two of the three since it was nearly impossible to meet all of the criteria in one model. With the advance of manufacturing techniques and improvements in the designs of buggies in general, we live in a great time in that there are available models that are fast on the track, durable enough for bashing and very affordable, which helps bring people into the hobby.

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