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Pro-Line Ambush MT 4×4 with Trail Cage Special Edition

The Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 has a new Special Edition – Ambush MT 4×4! It has the same great functions and bashability as the PRO-MT 4×4, but it comes with an awesome caged body. The Pro-Line Ambush MT 4×4 includes the Ambush Clear Body with Ridge-Line Trail Cage. Accessorize with Pro-Line’s Overland Scale Roof Rack (sold separately), a 4″ LED Light Bar (sold separately) and don’t forget to add your favorite 6″ action figure in the driver’s seat.

The Ambush MT 4×4 comes as a Pre-Built Roller, so you just install your own electronics by following the included Instruction Manual, paint your body with your favorite paint job, and Go Have Fun! If you are ready to graduate up from the Ready-to-Run vehicles that currently occupy the 1:10 Monster Truck market and you want true next-level Performance the Ambush MT 4×4 is the truck for you. The Ambush MT 4×4 does not include electronics, paint or the tools required to operate or maintain the truck.
The Ambush MT 4×4 is unlike any other Monster Truck available because it was designed from the ground up to have the highest quality components and the best performance right out of the box. No need to spend tons of money on upgrades like all the other trucks available… the Ambush MT 4×4 has the upgrades you need already included making it the best value for the money! Every part of this 1:10 Monster Truck was designed from Day 1 to handle today’s extreme brushless power systems, including insane 1:8 Motor Systems and 4S LiPo Power. This has never been done in a truck of this size and Pro-Line is proud to bring it to you! Read below for more details on specific features.

Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear polycarbonate and are painted for advertising purposes only.

Ambush MT 4×4 with Trail Cage 1:10 4WD Monster Truck Pre-Built Roller  4WD 1:10 Monster Truck
Part Number: 4005-002
LINK: Pro-Line Ambush MT 4×4

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