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Pro-Line Racing Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 Turf Track Test

Pro-Line Racing RC kits have built up a close following and we were able to get our hands on three Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 kits to show you why they have such a following. That is because this kit is very versatile. You can really build whatever you can dream of out of this kit. We built a basher SC truck and a road racer. But can you race this truck seemed to be lingering on everyone’s mind. So we decided to build it up and try it out on a turf track. Does this Pro-Fusion SC 4×4 Turf truck have the right handling characteristics to put you on the podium? We put down some laps to find out.

Pro-Line Racing Pro-Fusion SC 4×4
Part Number: 4006-00
Price: $399.99
Link To Buy: (Use code RCDRIVER10 to save 10% your order)


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