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Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks – RC Driver Today Blog 10-1-2018

We’ve had the Pro-Line Racing Ultra Reservoir Shocks in our collection for quite some time. They are a pretty amazing looking shock. All machined alumuminum and a function reservoir on the side of the cap. We’ve been holding onto them for a project that never developed, but now we have the urge to put them on our Wraith. Unfortunately it looks like PL has discontinued this shock, but they still have stock until the units are sold out. So we’re going to install them just for fun and if you like the way they look, maybe you can grab some for yourself before they are gone for good.

The shocks come mostly preassembled from Pro-Line, however you will need to finish the reservoir cartridge assembly and fill the shocks with oil.

We’re going to add some Team Associated 40WT oil to the shocks. There is a bleeder screw on the reservoir and an adjustment screw to adjust the tension on the valve spring in the body. It’s a pretty neat set-up. It’s unfortunate this shock is not going to be available soon.

Here’s the shock mounted up on our Axial Wraith. The 105mm lenght fits well. Not sure when we’ll go out and have fun with it, but we already had fun building these shocks on the workbench. Be sure to head to Pro-Line Racing to see all of their other shock options that may fit one of your RC machines.


Visit Pro-Line Racing: HERE


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