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Project: Axial SCX-10 Deadbolt

Looking to hop up your Axial SCX10 Deadbolt? Well you’re in the right place. We have three great upgrade ideas for this popular trail truck machine!
By Paul Onorato

TYPE: 1/10-scale RTR electric 4WD scale truck
PRICE: $299.97 (item no.: AX90044)

RC4WD HOP-UP: Dick Cepek Gunmetal 7 1.9” beadlock wheelsPRICE: $129.99/ set of 4 (Z-W0027)

The stock wheels are nice-looking on the SCX-10 Deadbolt, however, upgrading the wheels with aftermarket ones is an instant way to quickly change the overall appearance of your rig and give it that customized look. RC4WD offers numerous wheels to choose from, but we really like these officially licensed Dick Cepekgun Metal 7 1.9” beadlock wheels.

HOP-UP: Axial SCX-10 sealed bearing kit
PRICE: $19.99 (Axial SCX-10)

SCX-10 in muddy and/ or wet condtions, chances are that the ball bearings are not offering the same friction fighting properties that they did when they were new. Do a proper full chassis teardown which entails taking the drivetrain apart and replace all the bearings with new ones. Fast Eddy Bearings offers complete quality sealed ball bearings that also won’t break the bank. If you want to upgrade to super smooth and longer lasting ceramic bearings, Fast Eddy offers those too.

HOP-UP: HS-7955TG servo
PRICE: $99.99 (37955S)

On any of our rock crawler trucks like the Axial SCX10, we like to have gobs of steering power on hand. Drop in a Hitec HS-7955TG servo to replace the stock steering servo and you won’t have to worry about your steering. The 7955TG is a coreless, titanium geared servo that produces an impressive 333 oz.-in. of wheel cranking torque which is more than double than the stock servo. Making this upgrade is easy since the Hitec servo is a standard size like the stock unit.

Axial (949) 642-9425
Fast Eddy Bearings (707)-360-0190
Hitec (858) 748-6948
RC4WD (888) 654-4450 

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