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ProTek Carrier Bags

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s November 2015 issue.

NEED TO KNOW PART NUMBER: 1/8 Bag- PTK8114, 1/10 Bag- PTK-8113, Starter Box Bag- PTK-8112
PRICE: 1/8- $23.99, 1/10- $21.99, Starter- $15.99
LINK: protekrc.com

RATINGS (Low 1-10 High)

When it comes to nifty support gear for the RC market, I’m on the scene to see what the new product is all about. ProTek RC has been expanding its accessory line and it now includes a series of cool bags for carrying your precious RC cargo, so needless to say I’m all over checking out these new items.

The buggy carrier bags are constructed of a heavy duty material with foam between the layers for a little bit of protection. Bulky zippers allow you to open the top flap, drop in your 1/10 or 1/8 buggy and zip it closed with the wing peeking out of a cutout on one end. The now encased buggy won’t roll all over the back of your car to or from the track and all the dirt is contained in the bag. Another nice feature is the carrying handle to tote your car around or you can add a shoulder strap if you feel like getting sassy. The starter box bag, too, is constructed of a heavy duty material and its rectangular opening is just the right size for many of today’s compact starter boxes. The handles on the bag allow you to tote around your starter box complete with buggy on top for a one man pit operation. All of the bags feature the ProTek RC logo so people know what gear you are sporting.

To test the bags obviously we toted around some buggies in the carriers and yes they did their job well. I can’t tell you how many times a buggy would dislodge in the back of my SUV and roll around every time I stopped at a light and took off again leaving dirt tracks everywhere. Now the buggy and grime are contained in the bags. No durability issues to report either such as tears, just come occasional cleaning out of dirt or spent exhaust oil. And the starter bag is certainly helpful at the track hauling gear up to the pits, even with the buggy warming up as I made the trek. All of ProTek RC’s new support accessories are perfect for the driver looking to make their RC lives easier.

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  1. will the protek 1/8 scale carry bag hold the arrma talion 6s v4 with wide wheels.

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