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ProTek R/C “Black Label” Brushless Servos—Faster and More Efficient

14440912_10154532486104603_7651479339645476568_nProTek R/C’s new “Black Label” Brushless Servos operate cooler, are more efficient and insanely fast when compared to standard servos. Thanks to ultra-reliable brushless motors, the Black Label servos last longer and are nearly 20% more efficient than traditional servos. The efficient motors reduce heat and electric “noise” providing a higher torque to weight ratio.

Machined aluminum, heatsink cases with chamfered edges speak to the Black Label servos’ quality while providing additional heat dissipation. All Black Label servos feature detachable wire leads. Two lead lengths are provided with the  ProTek R/C Black Label servos to ensure clean installation and a perfect fit for your car or heli. 

When you demand the highest quality servos on the market, reach for ProTek R/C’s “Black Label” Brushless Servos. Black Label servos are currently offered for the following applications: Helicopter Cyclic, Helicopter Tail and Surface Speed. Additional surface servos will be added to lineup in the coming months.

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