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PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod Body

We have seen some great-looking aftermarket bodies being released this summer and the lastest comes from our friends at PROTOform. PROTOform has a long heritage in RC Drag Racing. In fact, the first body the PROTOform brand ever released back in 1992 was a Stealth Funny Car! So PROTOform is getting back to its roots by introducing PROTOform’s first-ever body dedicated to the fast-growing SC Drag Racing class: the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod. This body will transform your Slash® 2wd into a scale 1/4-mile beast with a ton of realistic details to give your SC drag car a super unique, race-inspired look.

The C7 Pro-Mod is a convenient 1-piece body design with no assembly necessary: just paint it up in your favorite colors and start burning rubber! PROTOform recommends using Pro-Line’s Hoosier 2.2″ Drag Racing Front Tires on the front and Hoosier Drag Slick SC 2.2″/3.0″ Drag Racing Tires in the rear combined with a set of PROTOform’s Pomona Drag Spec Wheels for the ultimate scale hot-rod stance.

To create a more scale look, the body is designed with a narrower track width than a traditional SC body and will require some modifications to your 2wd Slash® in order to fit correctly.

Here is the list of modifications needed to fit:

  • Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for Slash®Â® 2wd Tech tip: install the front mounts upside down to get the nose of the body as low as possible!
  • Traxxas® Bandit® Front Arms – #2531X
  • Traxxas® Bandit® Rear Arms – #2750R
  • Traxxas® Bandit® Front Caster Blocks – #2432
  • Traxxas® Bandit® Steering Blocks – #3636
  • Traxxas® Bandit® Axles – #2437
  • Traxxas® King Pins – #3740
  • Traxxas® Front Camber Turnbuckles – #2444
  • Traxxas® Rear Turnbuckles – #2443
  • Traxxas® Toe Link Turnbuckles – #2445
  • Shorten Rear Drive Shafts
  • Remove Front Bumper

This officially licensed body is Made in the USA from PROTOform’s crystal-clear polycarbonate and includes a detailed decal sheet and window masks. Give your SC drag car the most unique look at the strip with PROTOform’s Chevrolet® Corvette™ C7!

PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C7 Pro-Mod Body

For more information, visit: PROTOFORM



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