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ARRMA Nero BLX Monster Truck – Day 2: Suspension

Nero going off-road

When designing the Nero BLX , the folks at Arrma and Hobbico took their time. Seriously, this truck was more than a year in the making.

Much of that time was probably spent onthe layout of the chassis, joining the awesome red anodized alloy frame plates to the exoskeleton for a rock solid platform. Additionally, the pillow ball suspension components and arms are huge compared to other 1/8 scale MT’s.


Suspension Features

While the durability of the Nero was a key factor in its design, the performance of the machine was paramount when the engineers went to the drawing board.


The huge 16mm lay-down style shocks keep the beautifully anodized dampers protected inside the chassis, but also offer a super plush ride and an obscene amount of travel.

Motor Pod

The innovative motor pod that houses the center diff, steering servo and motor is easily dropped out of the bottom of the truck with minimal work. Also, the position of the motor itself is far lower in the chassis than competitors’ trucks, giving the Nero a super low CG.

Pillow Ball Suspension

The pillow ball suspension uses a dual ball setup up front and a triple ball out back to eliminate the need for a rear toe link. Additionally, the pillow balls use spacers on the inside for precise camber adjustments.

Lots of neat features in the Nero, check out our video below for more details and of course look for our other vehicle week informational posts to know everything about Nero!


Day 2 Video: Suspension Reveal





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