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RC10B5M Champions Edition

Team Associated - RC10B5M Champions Edition copy

B5M-CE1 copyThe RC10B5M has been on a huge roll this year winning the Modified ROAR National Championship and the IFMAR World Title.  To celebrate Team Associated is releasing the RC10B5M Champions Edition.  It comes with a hard anodized chassis. Bob Bore FOX Kashima Coated Shocks, the 3 and 4 gear transmission options, cab forward body with front and rear wing, both the VTS and V2 slipper clutch options, blue anodized aluminum front axles, heavy duty steel rear axles, titanium turnbuckles and Factory Team V2 bearings.





Factory Team FOX® shocks with Genuine Kashima® Coat provide the smoothest piston/shock body fit, allowing the vehicle to land solidly
Both 3- AND 4-gear transmission parts are included to allow tuning of chassis pitch for different grip conditions
Both flat front suspension arms AND gullwing suspension arms allow for steering feel and stability adjustments
JConcepts™ Finnisher B5M front wing for additional stability at high speed
Factory Team aluminum rear ball stud mount for added strength
Heavy-duty rear axles for added strength
Both V2 AND a VTS (Variable Torque multi-plate Slipper) slipper configurations provide options for feel and rotating mass
Aluminum rear clamping hex with laser etching provide tight wheel to axle fit
Narrowed hard-anodized aluminum chassis with centralized mass and mid-motor position for improved handling on high-grip offroad tracks
Factory Team lightweight aluminum front axle/hex adapter and large front wheel bearing for added durability
Factory Team titanium turnbuckles provide strength and weight savings
Team Associated B5M clear body and wing included

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