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Review of the Tactic TTX3000 3-Channel RC Radio System

This article was originally published in RC Driver’s June 2015 issue.

Tactic has made a name for themselves with their easy-to-use, feature packed and frugally priced aircraft transmitters, but it has been a while since they gave any great deal of attention to their radios on the surface side. The wait is now over though, with the release of the TTX300.


This all-new surface transmitter boasts a number of welcome features not found on previous radios and it’s all packed into an aesthetically pleasing case. Tuning options such as channel reverse, end point adjust- ment, steering dual rate and a customizable third channel make this system perfect for a number of different vehicles.

Got a nitro truck with a reversible trans- mission or a crawler with a dig unit or rear
steering? No problem. The third channel can be programmed to be used as either a two, three, or four-position switch or even assigned for proportional duties. The TR325 receiver is tiny and utilizes an internal anten- na so there’s no need to fret over tidying up wires. Likewise, the TTx300 transmitter has no antenna mast, so there’s no need to worry about novice drivers breaking the swivel.


The radio itself feels great in the hands and is balanced perfectly with the 4 “AA” batteries acting as a ballast on the bottom. The third channel buttons are easily within reach, but not so that they can be mistakenly activated.

The programming in the transmitter itself can be a bit confusing for first-timers as there is no display screen on the radio. However,
the manual spells out each step for end point adjustment and third channel programming in easy-to-understand text. Following a series of designated procedures, the LEDs on the radio will flash a number of times to denote what options you are changing. After a few programming sessions, the manual is almost not needed any longer. Another nice feature of the TTX300 is that it can be bound to numerous receivers. The TR325 is only 25 dollars, so this radio can be used in a number of different rides in your garage.

PRICE: $49.98
Channels: 3
Frequencies: 2.403-2.480GHz
Protocol: Tactic SLT
Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum
Input Power: 3.40-7.00 DC, four 1.5V alkaline, or 1.2V NiCd/NiMH “AA” single cells
Output Power: <0.1W
Power On Indicator: Red LED

Channels: 3
Receiving Frequency: 2.403-2.480GHz
Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum
Input Power: 3.40-7.00 DC, four 1.5V alkaline, or 1.2V NiCd/NiMH “AA” single cells
Dimensions: .75 x .55 x 1.4” (19 x 14 x 35mm)
Weight: .18oz (5.2g)


This radio is so simple, its super easy to use, small, lightweight and comfortable. For the low cost of the radio and spare receivers, this is certainly a great radio for budget minded bashers.

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