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Reviewed – The Carisma V70 TypeR, 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo, 5350kV and 4600kV Brushless Motors.

Carisma_V70_TypeR _Sensored (2)

Brushless speed control and motor technology on the surface side of things seems to have started with smaller, 1:18 vehicles and gradually moved to 1:12, 1:10, 1:8 and even 1:5.  To start the vast majority of the brushless systems were sensorless but for 1:12. 1:10 and the 1:8 classes there was a transition to sensored systems due to the smoother power delivery.  This left small scale fans, for the most part, with sensorless systems.  A few manufacturers have come out with either a sensored micro specific brushless motor but not an esc or a sensored micro specific brushless esc but no motor.  Luckily, Carisma has brought everything altogether with V70 TypeR, 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo and 5350KV and 4600KV Sensored Brushless Motors. 


The Carisma Racing V70 TypeR, 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo comes with long wires and bullet connectors to attach to the Carisma brushless motors and a Deans/Star Plug type battery connector.  The motor and power wires are soldered to the esc on solder posts so changing them is fairly easy as long as there is a good quality soldering iron on hand.

The V70 TypeR has three preset profiles built right in; forward/brake (the factory default) ideal for racing, forward/brake/reverse an ideal setting for bashing an all-around fun and forward/reverse for trail trucks and crawlers.   Some of the adjustable settings that can be changed using either the button on the on/off switch or the Programming Box (sold separately) include Power Profile, Reverse Speed, Low Voltage Threshold, Drag Brake, Initial Brake, Drag Frequency, Full Brake, Power Profile Drive Frequency, Neutral DeadBand, and Temperature Set.

When plugging the V70 TypeR into the Programming Box there are even more tuning options to fine tune performance.  There is Boost Timing, Turbo Slope, Turbo Timing, Boost Timing RPM, Turbo Delay, Boost Timing ACC.

The Carisma Sensored Brushless Motors have a 3mm output shaft with a flat spot for the pinion gear set screw to tighten onto, a 24mm diameter and the flat sensor wire easily plugs into the side of the endbell back. This is a nice touch as all previous micro specific sensored motors had permanently attached sensor wires that could not be shortened or it they broke rendered the motor useless.  The front endbell has several bolt pattern positions to the motors will fit into just about any 1:14 or 1:16 vehicle.


I installed the V70 TypeR and 5350KV motor into my well-equipped Losi Mini 8ight.  The motor was easy and straight forward and the bolt pattern lined right up and allowed for easy access for the sensor port.  I mounted the esc on the top deck of the Mini 8ight as far forward as possible due to the cab forward style body.  The stock wires were VERY long so I switched on my LRP soldering station unsoldered the wires, cut them to size and then re-soldered them to the posts.  Once this step was complete I powered everything up, calibrated the V70 TypeR (a fairly simple process) and was ready for some fun.


After charging up a 1850mAh MaxAmps 2S LiPo battery pack I went to R/C Madness in Enfield, CT to test out the Carisma Racing V70 TypeR 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo and 5350KV Sensored Brushless Motor.  The indoor track was still set-up for 1:10 racing and was very fast with a few technical sections, a wall ramp, triple section and long straight-a-way.  I took a few laps to get used to the wicked power combination of the motor and esc as it took some extremely smooth throttle control on my part to keep the front wheels from pulling off the ground when accelerating hard from a complete stop.  I ran the first pack for a hard 8 minutes before the battery started to feel flat so I went back to the pits to check things out.  The motor and speed control to my surprise were barely even warm. During this test session I was overly impressed with the smooth feel of the throttle and brake for the entire run.

I headed back out with a freshly charged battery pack and decided to see how the Carisma Racing V70 TypeR 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo and the 5350KV brushless motors would respond to grabbing full throttle when rolling backwards.  This type of situation often happens when a vehicle crashes on a jump and the vehicle begins to roll backward before the driver gets going in the correct direction. With many sensorless brushless systems this is where you may notice hesitation, stuttering or cogging before the vehicle jumps to full power. Not so with the V70 TypeR 70A. The Mini 8ight shot forward without a moment of hesitation and never looked back! This is because of the sensored design of the V70 TypeR 70A it always knows the position of the rotor and allows for instant power.

I then took the Carisma 4600KV motor I was sent to test and installed it in my Losi Mini 8ight-T and hooked it up to a sensored Castle Creations Mamba Micro X esc to see how well the pair would work.  I’ve always had great success with Castle products and the Mamba Micro X is very adjustable with a PC and the Castle Link.  On the track the performance was great with a smooth throttle response and much power.  After the run both the motor and esc were cool reflecting efficiency.


Micro vehicles finally get the full sensorless treatment they have deserved for so many years thanks to the Carisma Racing V70 TypeR 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo and the Carisma sensored brushless motors.  This potent package is easy to install, calibrates quickly and performs like a champ.  Both motor variants pack quite a punch too so you will never be at a loss for power and should you have a micro sensorless esc from another brand they are still fully compatible.   If you are looking for next level micro racing performance you really need to check out all that Carisma has to offer.





Carisma Racing V70 TypeR 70A Sensored Brushless Speed Control with Turbo (15785, $89.99)

Carisma Racing 4600KV Sensored Brushless Motor (15786, $79.99)

Carisma Racing 5350KV Sensored Brushless Motor (15787, $79.99)


FOOTPRINT: 33mm x 14mm x 19mm



BEC OYTPUT: 6V +/-0.2V, Continuous Current of 2.5A

DIRECTION: Forward, brake and reverse with optional reverse lock-out



MOTOR SHAFT: 3mm with flat spot


  • Exceptionally smooth
  • Plenty of adjustments
  • External solder posts to change wired
  • Much quicker than their KV ratings would lead you to believe
  • The motors have a removable sensor wire


  • The ESC is a little on the large size for a micro specific unit

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