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Reviewed – SAMIX Aluminum Option parts for the Axial SCX10


There are countless manufacturers of aftermarket option parts for radio controlled cars.  Some of these manufactures have been around for years and years and product some top quality products.  Others come and go rather quickly due to quality issues.  Because of this I am sometimes skeptical when I see a new brand.  That said, a relative newcomer to the industry, SAMIX RC, caught my eye recently when I saw a few pictures of their offerings for the Axial SCX10.  After some emailing I had a few parts headed my way to give a full inspection.  How do they compare to some of the industry giants?  Read on and I’ll let you know.

I received four parts from SAMIX RC for inspection; their Aluminum Front Cross Brace, Forward Battery Tray Kit, 8-Degree Hub Carriers and 8-Degree High Clearance Steering Knuckles.  Let me detail each for you.

The Aluminum Front Cross Brace is CNC machined and comes anodized in either orange, gun metal, green or black.  Edges are jewel cut for an eye catching look and SAMIX is etched in silver for easy manufacturer identification.  I received a black cross brace for my SCX10 and it installed quite easily.


The 8-Degree High Clearance Steering Knuckles feature a 2-piece design; the knuckle that holds the bearings and the steering plate that attaches to the knuckle by way of 2 screws.  The steering plate has three tuning holes for the steering turnbuckle, has the SAMIX name etched in silver and there are jewel cut edges to add the silver eye catching look.  These black anodized knuckles work in conjunction with the SAMIX RC 8-Degree Hub Carriers.  Like the Cross Brace the parts were easy to install dun to being precision machined and look great.

The final goodie I received from SAMIX was their Forward Battery Tray Kit.  This kit moved the battery toward the front of the chassis right behind the front wheels for excellent weight distribution and to help the front tires dig in and improve climbing.  Additionally, tray just fit in the middle of the front shock plate and can make front shock plate more stiffener.  Because of the location of the battery tray I had to locate my receiver box to the back of the chassis, a fairly simple task.

After installing these parts on my SCX10 I headed to the indoor trail truck course at R/C Madness for a test drive.  The truck performed flawlessly, had considerably less flex and it climbed quite well due to the battery being moved up front.

SAMIX also has new parts for the SCX10 II, Wraith, AX10, Yokomo BD7 touring cars and Tamiya TRF touring cars.  If the parts for these vehicles are as good as the parts I received for my SCX10 I can see SAMIX having a long and successful future making high end aftermarket parts that people will want and need.

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