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Robinson Racing AX10/ Wraith 32-Pitch Spur Gear Install

RRP Pinion and Spur

One of the Axial SCX10’s in the RC Driver fleet actually started life as an AX10 before we converted it. While it was an AX10, we upgraded the spur with a Robinson Racing machined nylon gear. Now Robinson offers a new 32-Pitch Blackened Hardened Steel Gear and although our nylon gear is working just fine, we thought it would be best to upgrade for better durability especially since the transmission isn’t equipped with a slipper. Here are the simple steps to install the new 1558 spur gear.

WHO MAKES IT: Robinson Racing
WHAT IS IT: AX10/ Wraith 32-Pitch Had Black Spur
HOW MUCH: $21.99
WHAT YOU GET: Spur and decals
ADDITIONAL ITEMS NEEDED: 12T 32-Pitch Pinion- 1712

RRP Pinion and Spur
First remove the three gear cover screws and gear cover.
RRP Pinion and Spur
Use a 7.0mm nut driver to remove the spur gear and adapter.
RRP Pinion and Spur
The old pinion and spur have been removed.
RRP Pinion and Spur
Remove the old spur from the gear adapter and install the new steel gear.
RRP Pinion and Spur
Robinson Racing’s new 32-Pitch spur installed with a new 12T 32-Pitch RRP pinion.

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