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RPM Wing Mounts For The Arrma Talion


A short while back I hopped-up my awesome Arrma Talion truggy with some sweet parts from Xtreme Racing and Castle Creations.  This truggy was now faster and more powerful than ever before but the one weak link, the rear wing mount, still remained.  After a spectacular crash I broke yet another rear wing mount and was searching for an answer.  Lucky for me, and all of you, RPM was already at work making an upgrade that is exactly what the doctor ordered!

When landing on its roof the rear wing/wing mount takes a great deal of the impact.  As such, the mount is prone to cracking on impact.  The new RPM mount is made from stronger, more durable  RPM engineering grade nylons and each side is solid.

Old Wing Removed RPM Talion
With the old broken wing mount removed it is really easy to get the new RPM mount installed.


Installing the new RPM mounts is rather easy, more so if your stock mount is already broken!  You just need to remove the wing by taking out 2 screws, then removing the 4 screws that attach the mount to the truggy.  Simple enough.




I then assembled the new mount on my bench, attached the wing and then affixed the mount the the rear bulkhead and chassis brace.  total install time was less than 15-minutes.

I’ve already used the Talion a few times since installing the new mount and I can verify that this thing is TOUGH!  I’ve flipped the truck a few times and even landed directly on the wing.  I am happy to report that the mount is still in one piece and other than a few new scraped on the body and wing my Talion no worse for wear.

If you have an ARRMA Kraton, Typhon, Talion or Durango DEX8, DEX8T  DNX8 you should put this on the top of your must have list!

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