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Savage XL 5.9 2.0 RTR from HPI Racing

HPI Racing - Savage XL 5.9 2.0 RTR_1

HPI Racing - Savage XL 5.9 2.0 RTR_2

The updated Savage XL 2.0 features a variety of upgrades and changes to one of the most popular Savage monster trucks, making it faster, meaner and even bigger! Underneath the GTXL-1 in a cool new subdued color, the chassis is the same as the colossal Savage XL Octane, with its TVP design, 3-speed Octane transmission, triple brake disc system, a complete set of all-metal Super HD drivetrain parts and the legendary Savage suspension. The brand new F5.9 engine powers the truck for increased acceleration and power to blast over obstacles and the roughest of terrain. The Savage XL 5.9 2.0 is ready to take to the roughest, toughest spots you know for all-day bashing fun!

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