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Save The Date – July 15 – 17 for AXIALFEST!


The adventure known as AXIALFEST is back again and will be even better this year!  Here is what the organizers have released so far!


THANK YOU AXIAL FANS for making our 10-Year anniversary at AXIALFEST2015 the most memorable one! With that, we are once again asking you and your family to come camping with us NEXT YEAR!

Yes, we are giving you the earliest possible invitation to mark your calendars for July 15-17th, 2016. We will once again host an event dedicated to showing our appreciation to you, the Axial customer, friends and family.

And we will once again go camping at our favorite campground nestled high in the Sierra Nevada’s, Cisco Grove Campground. This campground has been the location of our events since the very beginnings back in 2007 and has allowed Axial to transform the 440-acre’s into our very own Axial playground to share with you!

For those of you looking to come for your very first time, you will make your campground reservation with Cisco Grove Campground first (, then head over to our event page for event registration (eventzilla). What we would also ask of you is to pop over to our Axial Facebook page and check out the AXIALFEST2016 event page and let us know you are going ( THE EVENT PAGE ON FACEBOOK and AXIAL-BLOG IS WHERE ALL OFFICIAL EVENT INFORMATION WILL FLOW FROM! It’s just a rumor if you didn’t read it directly from us!

Camp sites H1-H10 will be the designated vendor row. Sponsorship inquire submissions can be sent to

FAQ’s and for First Time AXIALFEST attendees, here is a good FIRST MUST READ:

WHEN: July 15-17th, 2016
WHERE: Cisco Grove Campground located in the High Sierra Mountains

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