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Servo Swap – Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Full Upgrade Project Truck Part 2

Our project continues, this time with parts that I think will improve anyone’s experience with the Traxxas TRX-4 line of trucks. The ready to runs come with a good servo to get you going, in fact it’s still a used servo in one of our TRX-4 daily driver trucks. But you will probably reach a point when you start to master your truck where you’ll want more steering power. That’s when you’ll want to grab a new servo for your rig. Traxxas has high-torque servo options in their line-up for those who want to plug in and play with genuine Traxxas parts. In this video we’ll show you some of the steps required to install their High-Torque 400 servo and a BEC to supply the power needed to get optimum servo performance. We’ll show you a servo horn/arm upgrade too!

NOTE: I may have gone too basic on the BEC explanation. The BEC uses power directly from the battery to supply a higher voltage to the receiver. The ESC is supplying approximately 6.0V to the receiver which will power any modern servo you install. To get maximum performance, installing a BEC will bump the voltage up to approximately 7.4V to power high-voltage servos. Do not try to power a 6.0V servo with a higher voltage, the servo may burn out. Also I call the servo horn a servo arm in the video, the more appropriate name is “servo horn” I apologize for any confusion.

TRX-4 Sport
By: Traxxas
Part Number: 82024-4
Price: $359.99
Visit Traxxas:

High-Torque 400 Servo, 2255-
Servo Horn, 8247X-
BEC Assembly, 2260-
Receiver Box Top Option, 8224X-

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